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Certified Fraud Examiner Expert Witnesses testifying in Litigation

Certified Fraud Examiner experts in this Banking directory provide witness opinion and testimony in all types of Certified Fraud Examiner accidents including Accountant, Commercial Damages, Valuation, Divorce and Third Party Claim Administrator.

Certified Fraud Examiner accidents can occur in Civil Disputes, Wills Disputes, Probate Disputes,Forensic Biomechanic Accident Reconstruction and Fire and Arson investigation.

In litigation, Certified Fraud Examiner accident experts attempt to use forensic engineering and biomechanical engineering research to reconstruct the accident and damages or event by providing witness testimony, computer animation or graphical exhibits to opine in a compelling way to the jury

Banking Expert Witnesses for Attorneys

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State: NJ
Region: Eastern, Northeast
Country: US
Accounting Forensic, Unaudited Financial Statements, Forensic Accounting Internal Control Reviews, Forensic Accounting Due Diligence Analyses, Forensic Accounting Bankruptcy Proceedings, Forensic Accounting Oxley Compliance Procedures, Forensic Accounting Internal Audit Functions, Forensic Accounting, Forensic Accounting Commercial Litigation,
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Fraud Examiner Expert Witness No.111
Provides Opinion & Testimony In:
State: VA
Region: Eastern, Southeast, Contiguous to/and TN
Country: US
Fraud Examiner, Fraud Examiner Certified, Fraud Examiner Banking, Fraud Examiner Lender Liability, Fraud Examiner Embezzlement, Fraud Examiner Investment, Fraud Examiner Check Processing,
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Banking Economic Expert Witness No.2844
Provides Opinion & Testimony In:
State: OH
Region: Eastern, Midwest
Country: US
Banking, Bank Fraud, Operating Risk, Fraud Examiner, Banker, Securities, Fraud Risk Management, Financial Institution, Employee Fraud, Federal Reserve Bank, Fraud Prevention,
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State: FL
Region: Eastern, Southeast
Country: US
forensic accountant, white collar crime, commercial litigation, money laundering, securities fraud, insurance fraud, telemarketing fraud, embezzlement, kickbacks, bribery, insider trading, investment fraud, credit card fraud, health care fraud, RICO, racketeering, tax evasion, antitrust violations, banking fraud, identity theft, public corruption
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