Forensic Evidence & Laboratory Testing Expert Witnesses for Attorneys

Experts in this forensic evidence & laboratory testing directory provide opinion and testimony in all types of forensic related activities including, science, evidence analysis, trace analysis, paint analysis, glass analysis, filaments analysis, fibers analysis, footwear analysis, explosive residue bloodstain pattern analysis, electron microscopy, crime scene search soil analysis, drug analysis, polarized light microscopy, infrared spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, stereochemistry, synthesis, chemist, chemistry, criminalities, DEA, NFSTC, trace evidence, FBI, MSU, decomposed human remains.

Laboratory testing controlled substance chemical analysis, clandestine drug manufacture, controlled substance, clandestine drug laboratory, crime scene analysis, blood screening test, semen screening test, biological stain preservation, sexual assault evidence, enzyme immunoassay, HIV antibody detection, controlled substance analysis. In litigation and the courtroom, these experts attempt to use forensic techniques and engineering principals to research and reconstruct the damages or event by providing witness testimony, computer animation or graphical exhibits to opine in a compelling way to the jury.

Accident ReconstructionAircraft AccidentAirframe Powerplant Mechanic
Analytical ChemistArchitectAsbestos Consultant
Audio TapeAudiovisualAviation Litigation
Aviation Safety BicycleBiochemistry
BiologistBiomechanicalBiomechanical Automobile Reconstruction
BiostatisticianBloodstain Pattern AnalysisBullet Ricochet
Chemical ConsultingChemical ProcessingChemical Products
Civil and Structural EngineerComputer ForensicComputer Forensics
Computer Hardware SoftwareConsulting MeteorologistCorrosion
Credit Card CloningCrime SceneCrime Scene Analysis
Crime Scene Shooting ReconstructionCriminal PsychologyCriminal Security Specialist
DNADocument ExaminerEconomic Analysis
Electrical EngineerElectrical Fire Accident InvestigationElectronic Forensic Investigator
Elevators EscalatorExplosives PyrotechnicEyewitness Testimony
FingerprintFingerprint Crime Scene ExaminerFingerprint Footwear Tire Track
Fingerprints Latent Print ExaminerFire and Arson InvestigatorFire Cause Origin Explosion Investigator
Fire Cause Origin InvestigationFire InvestigatorFire Science
Firearms BallisticsFirearms IdentificationForensic Analysis
Forensic ArtistForensic BallisticsForensic Clinical Anatomical Pathology
Forensic Clinical PsychologyForensic Clinical ToxicologistForensic Component Failure Analyst
Forensic DigitalForensic DNA EvidenceForensic Document Examiner
Forensic EvidenceForensic Firearm ConsultantForensic Medical Examiner
Forensic Medicine Laboratory Forensic PsychiatristForensic Questioned Document Examiner
Forensic ScienceForensic Science CriminalisticsForensic Science Evidence
Forensic SocialForensic Tape AnalysisForensic Toxicologist
Gas ProcessingGenetics ToxicologyHandwriting Analysis
Hazardous MaterialsHuman FactorsInvestigation
InvestigatorLatent Print ExaminerLaw Enforcement Case Review
Lead ConsultantLitigationMechanical Engineer Failure Analysis
Medicinal ChemistryMemory AccuracyMetallurgy Materials Science
MeteorologicalMeteorology Weather ClimateModel Making
Organic ChemistryOrganized Crime GangPaint Coatings Consultant
Pedestrian LitigationPediatricPesticide
PhlebotomyPhysical EvidencePolice Narcotics
Police OfficerPolygraphPublic Health Certified Industrial Hygienist
Questioned Documents ExaminerRecorded MediaRehabilitation
ShootingsSurface Advanced Materials ScientistTextile Fabrics
ToxicologistToxicology Environmental AssessorToxicology Hazardous Chemicals
Video Audio Tape VerificationVision PerceptionWrongful Death
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