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Sex Offender Expert Witnesses testifying in Litigation

Sex Offender experts in this Law Enforcement Corrections directory provide witness opinion and testimony in all types of Sex Offender accidents including Investigator, Narcotics investigation, possession, sales and Forensic and Psychological Issues.

Sex Offender accidents can occur in dependency, sexual abuse allegations, competency to stand trial, competency to execute contracts and Board Certified Forensic Psychiatrist.

In litigation, Sex Offender accident experts attempt to use forensic engineering and biomechanical engineering research to reconstruct the accident and damages or event by providing witness testimony, computer animation or graphical exhibits to opine in a compelling way to the jury

Law Enforcement Corrections Expert Witnesses for Attorneys

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State: CA
Region: Pacific, Southwest
Country: US
Correctional Institution, Correctional Officer, Counselor, Senior Parole Agent, Social Worker In Adult Children Services, Community Program Specialist, Sex Offender Supervision, Correctional Supervision, California Prison Gangs, Parole supervision, Urban Violence, Parole Search Seizure, Narcotics Intervention, California Street Gangs, Latino Communities Southwest,
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Correctional Facility Expert Witness No.1940
Provides Opinion & Testimony In:
State: NY
Region: Eastern, Northeast
Country: US
Correctional Facilities, Prisons Local Jails, Correctional Facility Management, Correctional Facility Operations, Correctional Facility Program Administration, Correctional Facility Program Evaluation, Correctional Facility Prison Staffing, Correctional Facility Prison Education Programs, Correctional Facility Prison Culture, Corrections Training, Conditions of Confinement, Civil Case Preparation, Employee Misconduct, Excessive Use of Force, Defending Employee Misconduct Allegations, Correction Officer Misconduct, Inmate Discipline, Prison Security, Management Prison Health Care, Racial Is...
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Criminal Psychology Expert Witness No.1985
Provides Opinion & Testimony In:
State: NC
Region: Eastern, Southeast, Contiguous to/and TN
Country: US
Psychology, Criminal behavior, behavioral analysis of crime scenes, dangerousness of offenders, psychological profiling, equivocal deaths, geographical profiling, serial crimes, stalking, terrorism, risk assessment, debunking criminal profiling techniques, crime scene assessment, developing psychological geographical profiles, serial murder criminal investigative analysis, multimedia presentations, similarities between crimes, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Network Analysis, Cross Examination Preparation, Threat Assessment, Serial Crimes, Determining if Crimes are Linked, Equivocal Deaths, St...
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State: FL
Region: Eastern, Southeast
Country: US
police practices, use of force, police pursuits, narcotics investigations, police misconduct, security, police procedures, Police practices, Police use of force, Police pursuits, Police misconduct, Police procedures, Narcotics investigations, Stalking, Crime foreseeability, Taser use of force, Officer involved shootings, Search warrant execution, Excessive force, Law Enforcement, Wrongful death
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