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Aircraft Accident Investigation Expert Witness


Aviation Accident Investigation, aviation, certification repair station, DAR services, airworthiness certificates, import aircraft, export aircraft, engines, parts

New York

Expert Witness No.1353

New York


From 1972  to 1978
Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, N.Y.                                                                                     

From 1960 to 1971
Aircraft and Engine technical courses- Pan American.                                        

From 1971 to 1998
Technical and Management courses- FAA.  

Licenses & Certificates

From 1964 to Present
Mechanic Certificate, Airframe and Powerplant rating
From 1998 to Present
FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR)                                                           

Work History

From 1998 to Present
Aviation Consultant and Designated Airworthiness Representative
Consultant to the aviation industry specializing in Air Carrier and Repair Station certification, including Maintenance/Inspection Programs, Reliability Programs, Continuing Analysis and Surveillance Programs, technical writing, including manuals, MEL and CDLs; pre and post NASIP and RASIP inspection and corrective actions; internal evaluation, quality assurance and contractor audits; compliance with FAA/JAA regulations; accident and incident investigation, analysis and expert testimony. DAR activities, including import/export aircraft, engine and parts, Standard and Special Airworthiness Certificates.

From 1971 to 1998
Federal Aviation Administration                                                                                      

Maintenance Branch Manager JFK Int’l Airport, Jamaica, NY
(From 1989 to 1998)
Air Carrier, General Aviation and Avionics program supervision and oversight, Flight Standards Division, Eastern Region.  Providing assistance to 15 FAA field offices and approximately 300 inspectors.
Supervision and oversight of surveillance, accident and incident investigation, enforcement/ compliance and certification programs; Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DAR), Designated Mechanic Examiners (DME) and Inspection Authorization (IA); Special Flight Permits, Special Airworthiness Certificates.
Supervision and oversight of Repair Station certification and surveillance, RASIP, NASIP and OSIP inspections, directed safety investigations, evaluations, FOIA and congressional responses, field approval of major repairs and alterations, deviations, wavers and exemptions, recommendations, policy development and enforcement. Expert testimony for airworthiness enforcement actions.

Supervisory Aviation Safety Inspector, International Field Office, Valley Stream, NY 
(From 1989  To 1989)
Supervisory Geographic Aviation Safety Inspector responsible for IFO’s performing accident, incident, and surveillance and enforcement job functions, in the Eastern Region. Team member Hazardous Material Shipping in Air Commerce (SUPs) international aviation activities such as repair station certification and surveillance, and DME testing and approval.

Principal Maintenance Inspector (PMI) Pan American World Airways                     
(From 1987 to 1989)

PMI assigned to Pan American World Airways. Supervised a team of Aviation Safety Inspectors and was responsible for; the maintenance, inspection, reliability and continuing analysis and surveillance programs in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations, FAA Orders, MSG 1 and 2 processes and MRB requirements; certification and surveillance of PAA’s fleet of B-727, B-737, B-747, A-300, and A-310 aircraft. Reviewed and approved PAA’s Continuing Analysis and Surveillance Program (CASP).  Received Special Achievement Award and letter of commendation.  Participated as team member of accident investigation of Pan Am Flight 103 in Locherbie Scotland.  Received Special Achievement Award from the Executive Director Regulatory Standards and Compliance. Participated as team member of Propulsion System Reliability Assessment Board (PSRAB) to evaluate the Boeing 757/767 aircraft /engine combination to determine its suitability to conduct Extended Range Operations twin engine aircraft (ETOPS) flights.  Executed and approved Pan Americans A-310-300 ETOPS program.

Principal Maintenance Inspector  (PMI) Foreign Flag Air Carriers                                  
(From 1987 to 1987)

Responsible for the review and approval of maintenance and inspection programs submitted by foreign air carriers (Part 129) operating US registered aircraft.  Reviewed and approved maintenance program for Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) operating two US registered B-747 aircraft.  Reviewed and approved Minimum Equipment List and Weight and Balance program.

Principal Maintenance Inspector (PMI) Overseas National Airways (ONA), Tower Air (TWR) Arista International (AIA) and New York Air Inc. (NYA)                   
(From 1982 to 1987)                 
Initial and recurring approval and surveillance of maintenance and inspection programs, including reliability, continuing analysis and   surveillance (CASP).  Aircraft types included B-737, B-747, DC-8-63, DC-9, and MD-83 B-707.  Performed conformity inspections and import/export of aircraft, engines and aviation products.

Assistant Principal Maintenance Inspector (APMI) on Pan American World Airways (PAA),
United Air Carriers (UACI), Maverick International (MAVX),
Seaboard World Airlines (SBWX)                                                            
(From 1974 to 1982)

Assistant PMI with primary responsibility for PAA’s B-727 and DC-10 aircraft.  Secondary responsibility    for B-707, B-747, and L-1011.   Certified and became PMI of United Air Carriers Inc. a Supplemental Air Carrier operating DC-8, B-707 and B-747 aircraft.  Certified and became PMI of Maverick Int., a part 121 Supplemental Air Carrier operating B-707 cargo aircraft.  Assigned to International Field Office in Rome and conducted international aviation activates thought Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  Conducted incident and accident investigations, including a crash of a New York Air Helicopter crash in New York.

Air Carrier Maintenance Inspector (ACMI) NY Air Carrier District Office               
(From 1971 to 1974)

ACMI responsible for the surveillance and investigation of all air carrier activities in the NY ACDO’s geographic area of responsibility.  Accomplished Ramp, Spot, Enroute, Line Station, fueling facility and hazardous materials surveillance.  Accomplished certification  of American Cyanamid, a Part 135 operator; certified Designated Mechanic Examiners (DME); interviewed Airframe and Powerplant applicants;  designated ACDO 31 Hazardous Materials Coordinator, formulated and implemented the HM surveillance and enforcement program;  served as chairman of  the Eastern Region 1972 Mechanic Safety Award Program.

Pan American World Airways, JFK Int’l Airport, St. Thomas, V.I.                                     
(From 1960 to 1971)

Mechanic/Maintenance Supervisor /Tech Center Coordinator

Aircraft and Powerplant Mechanic performing routine and non routine services on Pan Am’s fleet of B-707, DC-8, B-727 and B-747 aircraft. 

Maintenance Supervisor at PAA hangar 17 JFK airport supervising A&P Mechanics performing routine and non-routine services on transport aircraft and engines, such as DC 8, B707, B727, B747. 

Line Station Supervisor in St. Thomas, V.I.  performing overnight and turn around services on B-727 aircraft. RII Delegated to perform inspection and quality control functions.

Tech Center Coordinator in PAA Hangar 14 JFK airport providing troubleshooting and technical recommendations to line station technicians.

United States Marine Corps, H&MS 11, MAG 11, 1st Marine Air Wing                            
9From 1956 to 1960)

Aircraft Mechanic.  Aircraft and Engine mechanic performing troubleshooting and repair of various fighter and transport category aircraft and engines.

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