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Automotive Failure Analysis Expert Witness

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Expert Witness No.1495



Expert 1495 has been performing automotive engineering consulting services since 1992, providing thorough technical assistance in all areas of automotive engineering and technologies.  His experience includes cases related to small claims, Lemon Law, personal injury, fraud, unsafe vehicle sales, dealership practices, product liability, failure analysis, and wrongful death.  Clients include law enforcement agencies, insurance carriers, law firms, manufacturers and individuals.  Most cases involve loss of life or disabling injuries.

Professional Training, Affiliations and Licenses

Certified Master Technician, Ford Motor Company

Over 2,000 hours of formal and multimedia training related to vehicle diagnosis and repair (see attached listing of completed courses)

National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, Certified Master Technician in:

A1  Engine Repair

A2  Automatic Transmission

A3  Manual Drivetrain and Axles

A4  Suspension and Steering

A5  Automotive Brakes

A6  Electrical Systems

A7  Heating and Air Conditioning

A8  Engine Performance

L1   Advanced Engine Performance

Elected Member, Society of Automotive Engineers

Member, Consumer Attorneys of California (technical staff)

Member, International Automotive Technicians Network

Member, Center for Auto Safety, Washington, D.C.

Member, California Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists

California Highway Patrol-approved motorcycle safety and accident avoidance course, 2003

Graduate of Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving and Accident Avoidance, 1999

Member Harley Owners Group

Work History and Areas of Expertise

1975 to 2005 – Ford Motor Company and Lincoln Mercury dealer technician (ten years as shop foreman).Thirty years as a technician, with vast experience in inspecting and diagnosing thousands of vehicles.

1992 to present – Litigation Consultant, Waters Consulting.Fourteen years experience in investigating legal cases related to failure analysis, product liability, Lemon Law, automotive brakes, antilock brakes, transmissions (manual and automatic), drive axles, engines, engine controls, heating and air conditioning, steering and suspension, seat belts, passive restraints, air bags, supplemental restraint systems, fire damage appraisal and investigation, vehicle maintenance, dealership and repair facility practices.  Articulate expert witness testimony, with a keen ability to translate complex technical information into layman terms for both jurors and attorneys.

Formal and Multimedia Training Courses Completed

Basic Electrical Theory and Operation

Battery Starting and Charging Systems

Electrical Diagnostic Tools and Testing, part 1

Electrical Diagnostic Tools and Testing, part 2

Basic Electrical Diagnosis

Electronics Theory and Operation

Understanding Electronic Systems

NGS Tester Operation

Basic WDS Tool Operation

Electronic System Diagnosis

Networks and Multiplexing

Supplemental Restrains operations and Diagnosis

Ignition System Theory and Operation

Fuel and Air Theory and Operation

Exhaust and Emissions Theory and Operation

Fuel, Air, Ignition and Emission

OBD II Monitors

Engine Performance Theory and Operation

Diagnostic Process

Diagnostic Routines

Engine Performance Diagnosis and Testing

Diagnosis and Testing OBD II Vehicles

Adv. Engine Performance for Diagnosis & Testing

Engine Repair Fundamentals

Automotive Measuring Tool

Base Engine Operations and Diagnosis

Engine Repair Class

Servicing Overhead-Cam Engines

7.3L Diesel Diagnosis

Diesel Engine Operation Fundamentals

Diesel Engine Theory and Operations

Diesel Fuel Supply and Fuel Injection

Diesel Air Inlet and Exhaust

7.3L Diesel Diagnosis

Diesel Diagnostic Procedures

Diesel Engine Performance

Differential and Driveline Operation

Differential and Driveline Repair

Manual Transmission and Transaxle Operations I

Manual Transmission and Transaxle II

Manual Transmission and Transaxle Repair III

Transfer Case and 4-WD System Diagnosis I

Transfer Case and 4-WD System Diagnosis II

Transfer Case and 4-WD System Repair III

Automatic Transmission Hydraulics/Mechanical Operations

Automatic Transmission Electronics

Automatic Transmission Diagnosis

Intro to Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Repair

Front Wheel Drive Automatic Transmission Repair

Rear Wheel Drive Automatic Transmission Repair

Advanced Automatic Transmission Diagnosis

Vehicle Brake Systems

Brake Service Procedures

Brake System Diagnosis and Service

Advanced Brake System Theory and Operations

Advanced Brake System Diagnosis

Advanced Brake System Diagnosis and Service

Noise, Vibration and Harshness Principles/Diagnosis

Brakes Systems Update

Forensic Examination of Anti-Lock Brakes

Litigation Experience


Single fatality truck and train accident, disproved transmission, ignition and fuel system failures.  Case withdrawn

Lemon Law fraudulent vehicle sale.  Case withdrawn

Single fatality rollover.  Settled confidential

Single fatality transmission park gear failure.  Settled confidential

Major injury incident on dealership property.  Settled confidential

Lemon Law, misrepresented vehicle sale (litigation pending)

Lemon Law, 100K vehicle, paint and hidden damage issues.  Settled confidential


Power sliding door defect causing personal injury.  Settled confidential (G.M. released a recall to repair this concern soon after my report was submitted)

Lemon Law oil consumption concern.  Settled confidential

Major injury, repair shop standard of care issue: brake job not performed correctly.  Settled confidential

Major injury rollover, brake failure (litigation pending)

Single fatality rollover, vehicle inspection (litigation pending)

Single fatality, unintended acceleration (litigation pending)

Three fatalities, engine failure: vehicle stalled and subsequently rear ended (litigation pending)

Minor injury, brake failure upon picking vehicle up from repair facility.  Settled confidential

Major injuries to two police officers, vehicle was picked up from the dealership after complete brake job.  Proved wrong parts used and improper post road test performed as per factory service bulletin.  Settled confidential.

Lemon Law transmission failure.  Settled confidential

Three fatalities rollover, jury trial, award $295 million

Unsafe vehicle sale, smog control altered.  Settled confidential

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