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Funeral Home Mortuary Cremator Expert Witness


Funeral, Mortuary, Crematory, Autopsy, Decomposition, Casketing, Tissue Leakage, Facial Swelling, Cremations, Mortuary Transportation, Embalming Procedures, Embalmer, Exhuming Human Remains, Shipping Human Remains


Expert Witness No.1640



San Francisco College of Mortuary Science, Areas:
Anatomy, Pathology, Physiology, Psychology, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Embalming, Funeral Practices and Customs, Restorative Art, Business Law

Humphries College, Computer Science

Lumbleau College, Real Estate Law


27 Years in Funeral Industry
Expert 1640 has performed over 8000 Embalming Procedures, Performed over 1000 Cremations, Served on Continuing Education Committee, Assisted in Developing State Exam, Owned and Operated a Mortuary Transportation and Embalming Service Company, Owned and Operated a Funeral Establishment

Expert 1640 is a Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer Consultant and Expert Witness for both Plaintiff and Defense. As a consultant, Expert 1640 has acted as a liaison between the legal, families, state agencies, and funeral industry communities. Expert’s 1640’s role is to evaluate, analyze, and render informed opinions on the various issues that fall into their area of expertise in any given case. Expert 1640 has advised attorneys and serves as an Expert Witness in cases involving the funeral industry.

Expert 1640 has:

Screened and investigated cases for their merit

Compiled chronologies and summaries of records

Review facility policies and procedures for appropriate content and completeness

Identify inconsistencies, negligence, and fraudulent claims

Determine Licensee/ Management’s liability

Identify & analyze specific issues or documentation that must be reviewed

Assess future needs

Evaluate funeral or crematory records for consequential deviations from standards of care

Develop chronologies of care, and provided expert interpretations of the information contained there

Act as liaison with plaintiffs

Identify types of experts needed act as liaison to them

Assist at deposition as Funeral Director, Embalmer

Assist in preparation for deposition, helping to develop lines of questioning

Assist in the formulation of questions for deposition

Identify missing documentation, policies, facility procedures, and case specific standards of care

Mortuary and Funeral Home Procedure

Emphasis on embalming process




Facial swelling

Tissue leakage



Length of preservation

Exhuming Human Remains

Shipping Human Remains

Cremains and the Cremation Process

Characteristics of Cremains





Urns and Containers

Combustibility of Containers Caskets

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