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Aerospace Marine Engineer Expert Witness


Aerospace Marine Engineer, Helicopter design, Aircraft design, Rotorcraft, Rotor design, Rotor controls, Helicopter transmissions, High lift devices, Aircraft controls, Wind tunnels, Wind tunnel models, Flow control devices, Aerodynamics, Stability and control, Unmanned air vehicles, UAVs, Aircraft structures, Coaxial helicopters, Coaxial rotorcraft, Gyrocopters, Autogyros, Sport aircraft design


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09/1973 - Private Pilot Certificate, Airplane, Single-engine land

06/75 - Laser Worker Certification

02/79 - Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification

05/83 - "Laser Velocimetry- A Tutorial"

12/83 - Robotics Seminar

01/84 - Computer Aided Design

03/84 - Engineering Problem Solving with Computers

06/84 - Fracture Mechanics

10/85 - NASA Management and Supervisory Training

09/87 - Applied Viscous Flow Control for Drag Reduction (Univ. of KS)

04/90 - Private Pilot Endorsement, Rotorcraft, Helicopter

06/90 - Aircraft Flight Dynamics Short Course (Univ. of KS)

09/90 - High Speed Rotorcraft Short Course

11/92 - NASA Total Quality Management (TQM) training


1996-Present - President and Chief Executive Officer, Williamsburg, Virginia

This is a small high-technology company that was formed to provide fast, high-quality, personalized technical support to small companies who want or need an experienced engineering capability, but are unable to justify the cost of maintaining an in-house staff of skilled technical specialists. The company specializes in performing one-of-a-kind conceptual and detail engineering and design for a range of components and products such as Rapid Prototypes, Proof-of-Concept Hardware, Specialized Test Hardware, and Technology Demonstrators.

1993-1996 - Engineering Manager, Rotorcraft Research and Development
Advanced Technologies Incorporated, Newport News, Virginia

Developed the engineering design for converting proof-of-concept technology demonstrator of the world’s first true ultra light manned helicopter to production standards. Directed all flight test activities and established final aerodynamic configuration required to achieve specified handling qualities. Led all company interaction with Federal Aviation Administration for registration of flight test aircraft, execution of flight-testing, and for structuring production kit to ensure compliance with FAR Part 21.

1984-1993 - Assistant Branch Head, Subsonic Aerodynamics Branch (SAB), NASA Langley Research Center

Hampton, Virginia Principally responsible for planning, conducting and directing subsonic aerodynamic research in the NASA Langley 14- by 22-Foot Subsonic Tunnel and in flight tests. Branch research included experimental and analytical efforts in propeller-induced aerodynamics for advanced turboprop aircraft; viscous and lift-induced drag reduction for general aviation, commuter, and transport aircraft; low-speed, high-lift performance for military and transport aircraft; and support for U.S. Army research in rotorcraft aerodynamics.

Directed research activities of 8 Army and 13 NASA research aerodynamicists. Conducted annual performance appraisals for all professional and clerical personnel. Reviewed and edited all Branch technical reports, publications, and presentations. Managed annual budgets of $2-3M.


1981-1984 - Senior Research Specialist, NASA Langley Research Center
Hampton, Virginia

Principally responsible for conducting research on new and emerging rotor and rotorcraft aerodynamic and aeromechanical technologies. Group leader for a team of six world-class research specialists focusing on aerodynamic and acoustic performance improvements for advanced rotor systems, and for improved operational capabilities for currently fielded U.S Army rotorcraft.

1970-1981, Senior Research Engineer, NASA Langley Research Center
Hampton, Virginia
Responsible for aerdodynamic research studies in enhanced low-speed performance for fighter and transport aircraft. Work focused on developing propulsive-lift technology in support of U.S Air Force Advanced Medium STOL Transport (AMST) technology demonstrator program and design and development of a specialized nozzle system for the NASA Quite Clean Short-Haul Experimental Engine (QCSEE) program. Specialized in Upper-Surface Blowing High-Lift technology development.

Technical Highlights and Accomplishments

Conducted propulsive-lift research for upper-surface blown (USB) jet flap concept in support of Air Force AMST program. Developed design guidelines for efficient induced-lift performance of USB configurations.

Participated in full-scale wind tunnel research programs to investigate aerodynamic characteristics of single and multi-engine general-aviation aircraft.

Developed full-scale nacelle and nozzle configuration for NASA Quiet Clean Short-Haul Experimental Engine (QCSEE) propulsive-lift program.

Developed instrumented counter-rotating propeller drive system for Advanced Turboprop (ATP) research wind-tunnel studies.

Defined complete aerodynamic configuration for 4-engine advanced turboprop configuration which became NASA baseline for comparative analyses.

Developed double-slotted flap high-lift system for baseline NASA ATP.

Developed and directed comprehensive test program to examine critical landing and takeoff characteristics of National Aerospace Plane (NASP) configurations.

Designed and developed 30-HP, 2-Meter Rotor Test System (2MRTS) for powered wind-tunnel testing of Mach-scaled, instrumented model rotor systems.

Designed and tested 20%-scale AH-64 model equipped with 4 balances, 6 scanivalves, 4 fan simulators, and two 90-HP motors.

Designed and developed complex Free Flight Rotorcraft Research Vehicle for flight testing of Mach-scaled wind tunnel model rotors in unrestrained maneuvering flight. Conducted several sub-scale research programs on rotor hover capabilities.

Conducted wind-tunnel investigation on Canard-Rotor-Wing (CRW) configuration for Navy.

Developed top-level configuration definition and system design for a small-scale powered rotor test stand for conducting high-speed mach-scaled rotor research.

Developed top-level configuration definition and system design for a unique small-scale, twin-motor, powered rotor test stand for conducting both mach- and Froude-scaled rotor research.

Designed engine conversion installation for single-place manned sport helicopter.

Developed top-level engineering and overall system design for the Main Rotor Test System (MRTS) for the South Korean Agency for Defense Development (ADD).

Designed 14-ft. diameter coaxial Recreational Air Vehicle (RAV) manned configuration. Aircraft featured in August 2002 issue of Popular Science magazine.

Designed 1200-lb., 14-ft. diameter coaxial Armed UAV for US Army Applied Technologies Directorate.

Designed 500-lb., 11-ft. diameter coaxial rotor UAV for commercial applications.

Designed engine installation, clutching system, main rotor transmission, tail rotor transmission, controls and main and tail rotors for manned 400-HP 4-place utility helicopter.

Designed repowered transmission system for NASA/Army 2MRTS rotor test rig.

Designed updated rotor control system for NASA/Army 2MRTS rotor test rig.

Designed updated rotor hub for NASA/Army GRMS rotor test rig.

Developed preliminary design for rotor hubs and control system for Baldwin Technologies Inc. MTR heavy-lift rigid-rotor coaxial rotor system.

Designed rotor hubs, rotor control system, pylon conversion system and lubrication/cooling system for Korean Aerospace Research Institute Smart Unmanned Air Vehicle (KARI SUAV).

Developed preliminary design for KARI Whirl Tower Test Facility full-scale universal rotor hub.


Designed and built advanced technology 2-man bobsled for the US Navy Olympic Bobsled team for the 1984 Olympics.

Designed PC17 ultra light aircraft to comply with the provisions of Federal Aviation Regulations Part 103 and FAA Advisory Circular 103-7. Vehicle combined modern airfoil technology, fiberglass and epoxy composites, and carefully tailored sheet metal structural design in a simple-to-build ultra light recreational aircraft with unusually clean lines.


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