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Is prepared to opine and give testimony in the following topics

Computer Engineer Computer USB, Computer Engineer, Computer Storage Devices, Computer Embedded Software Systems, Computer Flash Memory, Computer Solid State Disks, Computer Memory Cards, Computer Flash Drives, Computer Optical Storages, Computer CD, Computer DVD, Computer WORM, Computer Magneto Optical, Computer Magnetic Storage, Computer Hard Disk, Computer Floppy Disk, Computer RAID, Computer Disk Arrays, Computer USB, Computer Fiber Channel, Game Programming, Home Appliance, Computer Device Driver, Computer Software, Computer Firmware for Windows, Linux, VxWorks, QNX, Real time Operating Systems, RTOSs, Software Developer, Programming Languages, Computer Copyright, Computer Benchmarking, Computer Media Duplication


Expert Witness No.3100



1971 - City and Guilds Institute of London - Telecommunications and Computer Science

Areas of Expertise

Embedded systems
File systems
Game programming
Networking (Ethernet, TCP/IP, DLNA)
Device drivers
Storage devices

Telecommunications software

C, C++, VB, assembler, PERL, SQL


From/To: 2001 to 2008
Company/Title: Infinera – Member of technical staff/Team Lead
Summary:             Managed, specified, designed and built bootrom/BIOS, diagnostics, journaling file systems, databases, IP networks, optical transport and manufacturing test for a large scale   DWDM telecommunications transport system.  Programmed in “C”, C#, “C++”, assembler and all versions of VB. The development tasks were split and managed between California, Maryland and Bangalore in India.Hired and managed the diagnostic team in both the USA and India.

From/To: 1998 to 2002
Company/Title: Ciena Corporation – Member of technical staff (Team Lead)
Summary:             Specified, and lead the team that produced the hardware diagnostics for Ciena’s CoreDirectory product. The diagnostics were used for design verification (DVT), hardware bring up, manufacturing test, and in at the customer site. They consisted of Power On Self Tests (POST), written in “C++”, “C++” and PPC assembler, run time tests written in “C++” and Manufacturing tests written in VB.Net.Also wrote simulation tests for ASICS in Perl and a FAT32 file system written in “C”. Ported a CrossStore journaling files system to the system.These programs were written to support Ciena’s Coredirector, telecommunications switch technology.Hired and managed the diagnostic teams.

From/To: 1996 - 1998
Company/Title: Independent Consultant - Vice President Engineering
Summary:             Consulted at Xyratex International Limited, Digital Power, CableCo and Theorem on  automated testing, database design, internet and intranet websites, email servers, internet commerce engines and network design, network security and software applications. Performed confidential investigations concerning the abuse of company EMAIL systems, and to detect the electronic transmission of stolen intellectual property.   Designed, developed and sold software applications to provide Internet access for LAN users, network monitoring and for the prevention of computer hardware theft.  Developed and sold an email gateway program, a network security package and a commercial website for selling power supplies.

From/To: 1994-1996
Organization:          ZADIAN Technologies – Director QA and Information Systems
Summary: Recruited and managed the QA and IT departments. Set up a company wide ISO9000 system. Designed and wrote automated tests for the verification of software libraries and hardware equipment including disk drive, tapes and RAID devices. Designed and built relational databases in Paradox and Access and Delphi. Implemented company network, Novell and Microsoft servers. Presented training seminars on SCSI and IDE interfaces.Attented the ISO 9000 lead assessors training given by ASQC

From/To: 1984-1994
Company/Title: Amdahl Corporation - Principal Engineer/Manager
Summary:             Data Storage Division – Managed and implemented the design verification of storage arrays produced by OEM suppliers. Work with the design team on the architecture of a RAID controller. Evaluated RAID implementation from various system vendors. Developed failure analysis and call home programs for field failure prediction. Wrote test applications to analyze the performance and reliability of disk subsystems.Mainframe division – Developed diagnostics and automated tests to verify the functionality and performance of processor hardware and peripherals. Worked extensively with Fujitsu in Japan on joint development of processors, disk subsystems and communications controllers. Worked as an expert on diagnostics and deterministic hardware.

From/To: 1982-1984
Company/Title: Dialogic Systems Corporation – QA Manager/Customer service manager
Summary:             Designed, developed and executed software programs to test the function and performance of a high speed, multiprocessor system, used for the rapid development of software for mainframe computers. The system consisted of 32 independent Motorola 68000 processors running a distributed operating system. Tests were writing in “C”, Assembler, COBOL and a proprietary testing language.

From/To: 1980 - 1982
Company/Title: ITEL Corporation - Technical Specialist
Summary:             Country level systems support specialist, diagnosing software and hardware problems on ITEL computers and peripherals in Canada, USA, Japan and South America.

From/To: 1971 - 1980
Company/Title: IBM - Senior Systems Engineer
Summary: Responsible for system support of large IBM mainframes, operating systems, disk drives, tape drives and telecommunications products. Wrote customer applications in COBOL and Assembler. Responsible for some of IBM’s larger mainframe accounts, including Carter Hawley Hale, Barclays Bank, and Sun Life Insurance.  Worked for IBM in England, California and Canada. Attended over 23 months of in house training at IBM locations in Europe and USA

From/To: 1968 - 1971
Company/Title: British Telecom - Technical Officer
Summary: Responsible for the testing and installation of high-speed data and voice communications circuits. Installed the first commercial FAX system in England and early modem circuits. Received award for a design using digital logic to monitor the availability and reliability of groups of voice and data circuits.  Trained in transmission line theory.

Expert Engagements

Available Upon Request

Professional Memberships

Member, American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), 1996 to Present
Amdahl Design/Outstanding Contribution Awards, 1989, 1990, 1992
IBM service awards, 1974 – 1976
British Telecom innovation award, 1971

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