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Background Check, Fraud and Undercover Criminal Investigations Expert Witness


Background Check, Fraud, Undercover Criminal Investigations, Workers Compensations, Civil, Criminal, Surveillance, Police Officer, Narcotic Investigator, Tactical Rifle, Exploitation of Seniors, Vehicle Interdiction, Narcotic Packaging, Stress Management, CNOA, Search Warrant Preparation, Tactical Response, DOJ, Law Enforcement Investigations, Law Enforcement Patrol Operations


Expert No. 3685

Ventura County Police and Sheriffs Reserve Academy   

Ventura County Criminal Justice Training Center   

Ventura Community College, Ventura, CA
Associate of Science in Administration of Justice
Work Experience

Apr. 2008    
Oxnard, CA   
  • Workers’ Compensation, AOE/COE Interviews/Investigations, Sub-Rosa
  • Undercover Criminal Investigations/Surveillance
  • Background Checks
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Civil/Criminal, Interview/Statements
  • Financial Elder Abuse Investigations
  • Provide Specialized investigative services for corporate and private clients
Jan 1987 - Apr. 2008
Oxnard Police Department, Oxnard, CA
  • Senior Police Officer (Police Officer III) Beat Coordinator
  • Financial Crimes Unit Supervisor/Fiduciary Elder Abuse Unit Supervisor
  • General Assignment Senior Investigator
  • Senior Narcotic Investigator Multi Agency Task Force
  • Narcotic Investigator/Narcotic Canine Handler
  • Patrol Officer/Field Training Officer/Training Coordinator/ Drug Prevention Educator/ Bicycle  Patrol Officer/Traffic Enforcement
Professional Certificates  
  • 2008    California Association of Licensed Investigators, AOE/COE Investigations
  • 2005    Leadership Development Program, Alan Hancock College
  • 2004    Criminal Abatement, Regional Community Policing Institute   
  • 2004    Tactical Rifle Training, AR-15, Ventura County Sheriff’s Department   
  • 2004    Crisis Intervention Training, Ventura County Mental Health   
  • 2003    Crime Prevention through Environmental Design - P.O.S.T.
  • 2000    Advanced Fraud Investigations/Financial Crimes, Department of Justice   
  • 2000    Officer Involved Shooting, Department of Justice   
  • 2000    Financial Exploitation of Seniors, Ventura County District Attorney’s Office   
  • 2000    Homicide/Death Investigations, Department of Justice
  • 1999    Financial Crimes Investigations, Computer Crimes, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)   
  • 1998    Credit Card Fraud, Check Washing, Mail Theft, So. Cal. Bankers Association   
  • 1997    Police Cycling, Oxnard Police Department
  • 1997    Undercover Surveillance, Ventura County Sheriff’s Department
  • 1997     Asset Forfeiture, California District Attorney Association   
  • 1996    Vehicle Interdiction, Narcotic Packaging, Stress Management, CNOA   
  • 1995    Search Warrant Preparation, Tactical Response, Surveillance, DOJ, Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement   
  • 1994    Field Training Officer, Southwest Regional Training Center 
Professional Organizations
California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI)
Professional Investigators of California (PICA)
Professional Experience
Private Investigator
Founder, Owner/Operator Investigative Services. Specializing in AOE/COE Employer Level Investigations, undercover operations and surveillance. Currently contracted conducting workers’ compensation, AOE/COE Employer Level Investigations, Sub-Rosa and Subrogation Investigations for State Compensation Insurance Fund. Part-time investigator for Specialized Investigations, assisting with workers’ compensation and auto accident insurance investigations in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. Bi-lingual (English/Spanish) with experience testifying in municipal, superior and federal court. Additional experience testifying in Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board Hearings. Licensed and Insured

Four certificates in advanced training presented by the Department of Justice; Homicide, Officer Involved Shooting, Fraud and Narcotics Investigations.

Law Enforcement Investigations
As lead investigator, I directed and delegated  assignments to sergeants, senior investigators, highway patrol, special agents (DEA, FBI, BNE, Customs) I organized, monitored and supervised the efforts of personnel during search warrant service, surveillance’s (fixed, mobile and air) to the safe and successful completion of operational objectives.
As Senior Narcotics Investigator, I assigned reviewed and evaluated quality and accuracy of work assigned to Detective II, ensuring compliance with rules, policies and procedures. I assisted with the development of new detectives, surveillance, case organization, interview techniques and search warrant preparations including tactical responses.

As the Financial Crimes Unit Supervisor, I assigned, reviewed and evaluated quality and accuracy of work delegated to Detective II, ensuring compliance with rules, policies and procedures. I worked independently maintaining the more difficult and complex cases which related to financial exploitation of the elderly, credit card fraud, check fraud, counterfeiting, employee thefts and embezzlements.

Law Enforcement Patrol Operations

Assigned to patrol, I have been the first responder to a variety of critical situations: Officer involved shootings, homicides, vehicle fatalities, pursuit’s (foot/ vehicle). I have the ability to function and prevail under adverse conditions and extreme circumstances. I assumed a leadership role and accordingly accepted responsibility. I promoted the team concept through collaborative efforts of all department units to increase the success of operational objectives.

As Beat Coordinator (Senior Patrol Officer) I worked closely with the community as the liaison to the department. I helped organize community members with the development of neighborhood watch programs. I worked closely with businesses assisting with security issues and crime prevention.

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