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Acute Respiratory Illness Medical Expert Witness




Expert Witness No.1652


April 2015 – Present
Director, Center for Global Health and Development. Responsible for scientific oversight of an extensive portfolio of international research conducted by over 25 faculty in the Department of Global Health.

September 2014 – Present
Director, Boston University School of Public Health MD/MPH Program. Responsible for providing leadership to the combined MD/MPH program, including admissions, curricula development and advising. 

September 2010 - Present
Principal Investigator, Pneumonia Etiology Research for Child Health (PERCH) study – Zambia site. Responsible for the scientific oversight and implementation of a large prospective study at the University Teaching Hospital, 
Zambia on the etiology of pneumonia in infants and children.

July 2008 – Present
Co-Director, Global Health Fellows Program. Founding Co-Director of an applied global health research training program for physicians-in-training in the Departments of Family Medicine and Pediatrics at Boston Medical Center. 


October 2006 – 2016
Attending Physician, Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, Boston Medical Center. Attending physician in the Center for Infectious Diseases responsible for seeing patients with a variety of infectious diseases, 
and teaching medical and pediatric housestaff, residents and infectious diseases fellows. The Infectious Diseases practice at Boston Medical Center offers comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services in all areas of infectious 
diseases, with particular expertise in HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), diseases incurred through international travel and Lyme disease. 

July 2005 – 2015
Principal Investigator, Zambia Southern Province Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission Project (PMTCT). Responsible for implementation of a $17 million program to support PMTCT services in 8 Health Districts of Southern Province, 

January 2000 – 2013
Scientific Director, Clinical Sciences Core, Center for Global Health and Development. Responsible for scientific oversight and implementation of international clinical research portfolio, evaluation and development projects in areas 
of child health, tropical medicine, malaria, micronutrient deficiency and HIV infection.

January 2001 – 2009
Professor of International Health, Boston University School of Public Health. Scientific Director, Applied Research in Child Health Project. Responsible for scientific oversight and implementation of international research portfolio, 
evaluation and development projects in areas of child health, tropical medicine, malaria, micronutrient deficiency and HIV infection.

June 2000 - 2007
Principal Investigator, Zambian Exclusive Breastfeeding Study (1RO1HD39611). Responsible for scientific direction, output and administrative oversight of $7.2 million prospective research project in Zambia to determine the quantitative
 risk of early weaning versus postnatal transmission of HIV through breastmilk.

July 2002 – September 2005
Principal Investigator, Zambian Boston University Malaria Program (# S1954-21/21). Responsible for scientific direction, output and administrative oversight of $1.5 million prospective research project to provide technical assistance 
and scientific support to the Zambia National Malaria Control Program.

April 1998 to December 2001
Institute Associate, Harvard Institute for International Development, Cambridge, MA. Provided technical support for the ARCH Project, developed 15 year pediatric pneumonia research portfolio and developed a research program on the 
Social and Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries, including field research in Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Botswana, and Kenya.

October 1992 to March 1998
Director, New York City Perinatal HIV Transmission Collaborative Study (U64 CCU 200937). Responsible for scientific direction, output and administrative oversight of $3.5 million multicenter, longitudinal clinical research project 
funded by the Centers for Disease Control in collaboration with the NYC Department of Health, Harlem, Bronx-Lebanon, Metropolitan and Montefiore hospital centers.

October 1994 to March 1998
Adjunct Assistant Attending, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Program for Children and Families-HIV Clinic. Responsible for overall clinical care of approximately 75 parents of HIV-infected children and for teaching housestaff and 
infectious diseases fellows.

October 1996 to March 1998
Director, Roosevelt Hospital Travel Medicine Program. Responsible for development and supervision of the travel medicine program of St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital, including supervision of infectious disease fellows in the provision of 
pre-travel vaccine and antimicrobial prophylaxis, counseling and post-travel medical evaluation.

July 1989 to October 1992
Field Director, International Collaboration in AIDS Research Study Center, and Clinical Research Section, Projet SIDA, Kinshasa, Zaire. Established research and clinical microbiology laboratory at Mama Yemo Hospital. Conceived and 
managed 6 clinical and epidemiologic studies of AIDS in over 650 Zairian children and adults. Developed integrated data management and data cleaning system for all studies. Responsible for all aspects of clinical research program 
including the development and implementation of research agenda, data management statistical analyses and presentation of findings to international HIV conferences.

Professor of International Health
Department of International Health        
Center of International Health and Development
Boston University School of Public Health    
January 2001 to present

Institute Associate
Harvard Institute for International Development
Harvard University                            
April 1998 to December 2000

Adjunct Attending Physician, St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital            
Columbia University Affiliate, NY, NY                    
October 1994 to March 1998

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Tufts
University School of Medicine, Boston, MA                    
July 1989 to October 1992

Instructor in Medicine, Tufts University
School of Medicine, Boston, MA                            
July 1986 to June 1989


WHO technical working group on AIDS associated
opportunistic infections, Geneva                                

Harvard Institute for International Development
Childhood diarrheal and respiratory diseases workshop, Pakistan            
1993, 1994

Member, Director's Group,
Perinatal AIDS Collaborative Transmission Group (PACTS)                
1993 to 1998

Member, Perinatal Transmission Prevention Committee,
AIDS Institute, NYS Department of Health.                            

WHO Technical Consultation Meeting on Management of Children With
Pneumonia and HIV Infection, Harare, Zimbabwe        

WHO Technical Consultation to Review Evidence and Research Priorities
for the Management of Acute Respiratory Infections, Geneva         

Member Gerson Lehrman Health Care Council of Experts        
2005 to present

Technical Advisor, PBS television special: “Rx for Survival”        

WHO/UNICEF Consultation on the Development of a 
Global Plan for Pneumonia (GAPP), Geneva, Switzerland        

Research Fellow in Infectious Diseases
New England Medical Center, Boston, MA                
July 1987 to June 1989

Fellow, Clinical Infectious Diseases
Department of Medicine, Division of Geographic Medicine and Infectious Diseases
New England Medical Center, Boston, MA                
April 1986 to June 1987

Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine
St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, New York, NY                
July 1981 to June 1984

Masters Thesis with Honors, London School
of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK                        

Teaching Award, Class of 1987, Tufts Medical
School, Boston, MA                                        

Teaching Award, Class of 1985, College of
Physicians and Surgeons, New York, NY                            

Teaching Award, Global Maternal Child Health,
School of Public Health, Boston University                        
2004, 2005

Teaching Award, Controversies in Infectious Diseases
School of Public Health, Boston University                        

University of London, School of Hygiene &
Tropical Medicine, London, UK                                
MSc., 1985

Columbia University, College of Physicians
& Surgeons, New York, NY                                
MD, 1981

Antioch College, Yellow Springs, OH                            
BS, 1976

Diplomate, Sub-specialty Board of Infectious Diseases                        
Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine                        
ASHTM Certificate of Knowledge Tropical and Travel Medicine                

New York  inactive                                        

American Society of Microbiology                                
Infectious Disease Society of America                                
International Society of Travel Medicine                                
American Society of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine                        
Explorer's Club - Fellow        

Scientific reviewer for:
Clinical Infectious Diseases
Journal of Infectious Diseases
Bulletin of the World Health Organization
New England Journal of Medicine
British Medical Journal
American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Member, Executive Committee, Pneumonia Etiology Research for Child Health,
Johns Hopkins, Baltimore        2009 - Present    
WHO/UNICEF Steering Committee PREPARE: to determine Optimal Use of Clinical Signs for Diagnosis and Prognosis of Childhood Pneumonia, WHO Geneva        
2014 - Present

Chair, WHO/UNICEF Expert Technical Consultation Meeting: 
    Improving diagnosis of pneumonia in Children.        
2014 - Present 

Member, WHO PCV Impact Studies Technical Support Network        
2015 - Present

Chair, GIIHP (Ghana Information for Improved 
Health Performance) Advisory Group    2014 - Present

Member, RETAPP Trial Scientific Advisory Board, Aga Khan University    
2014 – Present

Member, MHAMAZ – Technical Advisory Group                
2015 - Present

Member, BUSPH A&P Committee                        
2005 – Present
Member, BU Global Programs Support Network                    
Member, CGHD Advisory Group                            
Member, Committee for Associate Dean for Research Search, BUSPH        
Member, Committee for Beverly Brown Chair of Urban Health Search, BUSPH    
Ad-hoc member, Committee for Director CISW, BUSPH            
Member, Accepted Students Day Presentation/Teaching, BUSPH        
CUGH Global Health Program Advisory Service Committee (GHPAS) Mentor    

Junior Faculty Mentor
Classes Taught


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, ELMA Foundation, Merck         
This study assesses the impact of maternal waiting homes in rural Zambia on access to care and safe maternal deliveries.
Role: Technical Advisor

GHIIP - Improving Health Facility Service Delivery through Performance Measurement and Collaborative Quality Improvement                        
This operations research project applies an innovative internal
hospital performance measurement (HPM) system and a collaborative quality improvement (CI)
intervention in the Eastern region of Ghana using a participatory approach.
Role: Technical Advisor

Southern Africa Mother Infant Pertussis Study: Phase I (SAMIPS-1)     
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation                        
This Zambia based study seeks to determine the burden of Bordetella Pertussis disease in young infants presenting to a health facility in Lusaka, Zambia
Role: Co-Investigator

Pneumonia Etiology Research in Child Health (PERCH)            
Subaward from Johns Hopkins University
(Prime award #48968 from BMGF)                        
This multicountry project seeks to establish the etiology of pneumonia in children from low-resource settings and will be conducted at University Teaching Hospital, Zambia. 
Role: Zambia Site Principal Investigator

Doctoral Students
Global Health Fellows
MD/MPH and MPH Advisees
Available Upon Request


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