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Adult Neglect Medical Expert Witness


Expert Witness No. 3117



I do work for both Plaintiffs and the Defendants – Corporate Chains, Governments and Small Facilities. I have  over 35+ years in the long term care field specializing in Community Home Based Services (HCBS) which includes Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) also called Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE)”, Residential Care Facilities (RCF), Adult Residential Care Facilities (ARF), Group Homes (GH)and Day Treatment Programs (DTP).  

I believe one of the best things I bring to any case that I am involved with is my knowledge from being a patient, family care giver, licensed care provider, teacher, direct care giver, standard of care publisher and lobbyist/advocate.  I have been teaching and publishing HCBS industry care standards since 1990. I see each case through all the various sides which is helpful in understanding each person’s role and responsibility in a cas.

Areas of Expertise — Standards of Care - Facility Types

My standard of care areas of expertise include: adult abuse or neglect, fall precautions, protective supervision, dementia care, secured perimeters, personal care services, quality assurance, risk management, duty of care, regulatory compliance, day programs, respite, dietary services, medication management, business operations, RCF hospice services, staff management and training, personnel requirements, activities, resident’s rights, household maintenance, admissions, record keeping, emergency services and wrongful death. 

I am a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, “LNHA” which is a medical professional; however, my specialty is in HCBS which includes RCFEs, ALFs and ARFs.  I am able to testify to the differences between medical care facilities and home and community based service care.

Types of Facilities/Homes: Case experience in corporate chains, multi-level care facilities, and small care homes of all types. 
Licenses and Certificates

  • 1981 – 2017 Licensed Nursing Home Administrator (LNHA)
  • 1978 Certified Activity Director 
  • 1988 Certified Medical Assistant 
  • 1992-1994 Registered Lobbyist
  • 1990-2013 RCFE, SNF, CCF Teacher – see vendor approvals listed below. 


I. Chief Executive Officer, ProvidersWeb, Inc
2000 – Present: Inc. Angels Camp, CA – (central California area)

  • ProvidersWeb is an international assisted-living residential care organization, which has over 20,000 members through its website. Members include various types of HCBS programs, skilled nursing facilities, multi-level care facilities, non-profit groups and state agencies. I have written almost all of ProvidersWeb’s 28+ e-books, the 20-volume operations manual set, plus over 3300 downloadable “how to” technical-support and standard-of-care documents. The Assisted Living Residential Care Books, Manuals, and Documents that I have authored are available at 

California Vendor Approvals:

  • Nursing Home Administrator’s Program Vendor 
  • Caring About Care Course Approval expires 7/18/18
  • Board of Medical Examiners — Nursing Home Administrator Program: 11/14/2008 –  10/31/2014
  • Board of Registered Nursing: 2/27/200 –  2/28/2014


Community Care Licensing:

  • RCFE (Residential Care Facility for the Elderly)  4/23/2009 –  4/22/2013
  • ARF (Adult Residential Facility) 4/23/2009 –  4/22/2013
  • GH (Group Homes) 4/23/2009 –  4/22/2013


Course Approvals:

  • A Higher Calling - Caring About Care,
  • Quality Assurance and Risk Management:
  • RCFE 
  • ARF 
  • GH 

II. Chief Executive Officer, Owner/Operator Experience
October 1986 – Present Grace Estates Retirement Centers, Inc. Angels Camp, CA

  • As Administrator and CEO, I designed and built a 30-bed residential care facility for the elderly and expanded to a 49-bed facility within a year. Gracewood Manor CCL was a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) with an approved Dementia Waiver and secured perimeter. We were also vendorized to care for Developmentally Disabled, the Mentally Ill and we had our Hospice Waiver. For 10 years we handled all of the County’s adult abuse emergency placements. I worked every job in the facility, including being a direct care giver.

The 49 bed care facility was closed by eminent domain by Cal-Trans for a highway bypass in December, 2004.  The S-corporation still has real property assets and still exists. 

III. Consultant/Expert Witness
1992 to Present Self-Employed

  • Expert Witness Work — Self-employed as an expert witness specializing in residential care. Review and provide reports on legal cases; depositions, other work as assigned and court testimony. I have consulted on cases in various states across the nation mostly on HCBS (residential and community care) standards of care. 
  • Consultant Work — Trouble-shoot problem areas for both small business owners and large corporations. Help set up new HCBS businesses. Conducted facility surveys, audits, and I make recommendations for improvements. I also design standard of care policies and procedures for various types of facilities. 

IV. Publisher/Writer/Editor
1996 to 2000 – Residential Care Publications (RCP)


  • 1996    The Works — RCF/ALF Admission’s Manual
  • 1996    When Your Parent Needs Care
  • 1996    RCF/ALF Employee Manual

V. Chief Executive Officer / Instructor/ Public Policy Advocate 
1990 to 1995 - American College of Community Care Education “ACCCE”

  • As Lead Instructor I taught thousands of care providers and supervised over 10 professional teachers, including Shelia Burley, RN, the person who wrote most of the original RCFE regulations for the State of California. I created various regulation subscription manuals that ACCCE published that pertained to residential assisted-living/community-care facilities. I led ACCCE’s Network of Associations, which coordinated advocacy efforts for industry improvements statewide. 

Chief Editor of ACCCE’s Network News, which had over 12,000 readers.  

Books authored and published by American College of Community Care Education:

  • 1994    Personal Care Aide Training
  • 1993    ARF-DD Administration Manual (Co-authored with Marylyn Meredith)
  • 1990 – 1995 RCF Administration Manual

Created curriculum and instructed the following courses:

  • Certified Residential Care Administrator for the Elderly (CRCA-E) State Approved
  • I taught the first California RCFE Administrator Certification Class in 1990. 
  • Before they were required by the State of California I also taught:
  • Certified Residential Care Administrator—Developmentally Disabled (CRCA-DD) 
  • Certified Residential Care Administrator—Mentally Ill/Disabled (CRCA-MD) 

Continuing-education classes instructed:
Residential Care Administrator Polices & Procedures, Business Management, 

  • Labor Laws—Staff Management, General Laws & Regulations, Psychosocial Needs of the Elderly, RCF Medication Management, Admission-Retention Assessment, and

Community and Support Services.

  • Past Educational Vendor License Numbers for ACCCEs:
  • Board of Registered Nursing (BRN)
  • Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators (BENHA)
  • Community Care Licensing (CCL),

VI. RCFE Owner/Operator, 6-Bed Facility
1984 – 1987 Grace Manor – Owner/Operator of a 6-bed RCFE facility in San Andreas, CA. 

  • As the owner/operator I did almost all the care and services myself. I had a part-time employee 20 hours a week and family to help me. The services provided included care and supervision, medication assistance, plus basic services such as meals, housekeeping and activities. This business evolved into the 30-bed facility.

VII. Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Experience
Employed from 1977 to 1986 in various Skilled Nursing Facilities. 

Administrator in Training “AIT” Positions held:

  • AIT — Acting Administrator, St. Michael’s Convalescent Hospital Hayward, CA 
  • AIT — Asst. Administrator, Hayward Convalescent Hospital 
  • AIT — Asst. Administrator, Majestic Pines Convalescent Hospital

Other positions held:

  • Admission Coordinator – St. Michael’s Convalescent Hospital, Hayward CA
  • Medical Records Coordinator – Majestic Pines Convalescent Hospital, Hayward, CA 
  • Social Service Director – Essex’s Convalescent Hospital, Oakland, CA and Mark Twain Convalescent Hospital, San Andreas, CA
  • Activity Director – Park Merritt and Alpha Convalescent Hospital Oakland CA
  • Program Manager - HRC Sunshine Program San Andreas - trained Home Health Aides


BA Equivalent

  • In 1980, to be a nursing home administrator you have to take the classes required by the Board of Nursing Home Administrators; complete an extensive 1000-hour AIT program; and pass your state and federal boards.  The total of my course units via the Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrator’s (BENHA) program is equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree (120+ units). I successfully completed the program and college unit requirements. Licensed as a Nursing Home Administrator since 1981.


  • 1976-1977, College of the Redwoods Field’s Landing, Eureka, CA 
  • 1978-1980 Chabot College, Hayward, CA 
  • 1981 Peralta College, Oakland, CA 

Additional College Training

  • 1988 Andon College, Stockton, CA Certified Medical Assistant program (30 units) 
  • 2009 FEMA Emergency Management Institute, Emergency Management Training (12 units over 19 classes )

Over the years to keep my licenses current, I have taken an average of 2 continuing education classes a year (since 1981).  That equates to over 68 CE classes, therefore I don’t include them in this CV.  


  • 1997-1998: Served on Governor Wilson’s Secured Perimeter Committee for Alzheimer and Dementia (residents residing in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly, this group set the standards for dementia care in RCFEs and CCFs). 
  • 1995-1996: Served as an Executive Board Member for the National Institutes for Health’s Residential Care Project under Dr. Newcomer, SFU - This project help set the standards for RCFEs and CCFs all across the United States.
  • 1991-1994: Served on many committees, boards, and workgroups for California Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Community Care Licensing’s Central Operations Branch, Sacramento, CA.
  • 1996-1997: Served on the Board of Directors for CHAOS, a Group Home for Troubled Teens in San Andreas, CA.
  • 2003-2005: Served on the Board of Directors for Common Ground, a Tri-County Senior Meals-on-Wheels program based in Jackson, CA.

RCFE Elder Abuse Expert 
Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly Expert Witness 
Residential Care Facility Expert Witness
Community Care Expert Witness 
Community Care Facility Expert Witness 
Adult Residential Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled Expert Witness 
Adult Residential Facilities for the Mentally Ill Expert Witness 
Elder Abuse Expert Witness 
Elder Neglect Expert Witness 
Adult Abuse Expert Witness 
Adult Neglect Expert Witness 
Elder Fall Precautions Expert Witness 
Adult Fall Precautions Expert Witness 
Dementia Care Expert Witness 
Skilled Nursing Facility Expert Witness 
Elderly Residential Care Facility Expert Witness 
Adult Residential Care Facility Expert Witness 
Disabled Adult Residential Care Facility Expert Witness 
Licensed Nursing Home Administrator Expert Witness 
Regulatory Compliance Expert Witness 
RCFE Expert Witness 
CCF Expert Witness 
ARF Expert Witness 
ALF Expert Witness 
Licensed Nursing Home Administrator Expert Witness


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