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Age Regression Expert Witness

Expert Witness No.1941

New York

Expert 1941 is the senior forensic artist for a major police department.  He is certified in forensic art by the International Association for Identification (I.A.I.).  His experience in creating forensic images spans over twenty-one years.  His composite sketches have been instrumental in identifying many criminal suspects, including high-profile cases.  His drawings have appeared in all of the major New York newspapers, local and network TV news programs.  He has been featured in articles in the New York Times, London Sunday Telegraph and The Daily News.  Expert 1941 has appeared on many well-known television news, education, and talk programs.

As a forensic artist and second grade detective, he has provided expert testimony during court proceedings.  Additionally, he has testified as a police officer during criminal court cases.  He has created demonstrative evidence displays for other detective investigators and assistant district attorneys for court proceedings.

In addition to his work for the police department, Expert 1941 has developed composite sketches for other law enforcement and governmental agencies including the FBI and U.S. Postal Inspections Service.
A professional artist and illustrator for over twenty-two years, Expert 1941’s skills encompass a variety of media including digital computer art, acrylics, oil, pencil and pastel in a wide range of subject matter.  His illustrative portfolio includes book jackets, magazine cover art, and poster art.  A list of clients and examples of his work is available upon request.

Expert 1941’s paintings, pastels and drawings have been exhibited in many New York galleries and artist clubs, including the prestigious Salmagundi Art Club in New York.  He was part of the Ancient Faces Exhibit displayed in The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

On the lecture circuit, he has addressed a number of groups from varying disciplines including the Mystery Writers of America, School of Visual Arts, Society of Professional Investigators and the Drug Enforcement Agency.  He has also conducted lectures and workshops for schools and community groups throughout New York.  Because of his expertise in the field, Expert 1941 has trained the artists of other police departments throughout North America in the field of forensic art.

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