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Airbag Air Bag Srs Safety Restraint System Non-deployments Expert Witness



Expert Witness No.1049

2017 Principal and co-Founder,  Expert’s Company, Boston, MA 

Designed and patented pressurized water pumped hydro energy storage system in conjunction with a Danish engineering company. The company has assembled a support group including individuals from industry, as well as Argonne and Oak Ridge National Laboratories. The technology is an alternative to battery storage systems for grid applications.

2001-Present- President, Expert’s Company, New York, NY

Consultant offering expertise in a range of services.  Areas of expertise include automotive and energy related technology, fluid dynamics, mechanical systems, applied superconductivity, 

micro- and nano-technologies, sensors of all types, and sensor applications.  Other technical professionals are available if required. 

These services include:

  • Product liability cases involving airbag crash analysis, particularly airbag non-deployments, unwanted and late deployments in more than 60 cases
  • Patent infringement and class action law suits including expert witness and research services. 
  • Other services include technology assessment, market studies, patent review and litigation support, engineering consulting and due diligence for investors. 
  • Clients have included law firms, engineering companies, insurance companies, and industrial and investment companies.  

2010-2012-Technical Marketing Director, NJ Microsystems, Inc, Newark, NJ

(Part time) Advanced technology marketing specialist responsible for developing relationships with industrial partners for a wide range of micro-machined products including pressure 

sensors, temperature sensors, long range passive RFID tags, neonatal heart monitors, micro-thermal piles and energy harvesters. Most of the products utilized batteryless RFID technology to deliver the signal to a remote computer.

2005-2012-Consultant, Healinc Telecom, LLC, New York, NY(Part time)  Consultant to a company providing video relay services to the deaf community, as well as foreign language and sign language interpretation services to hospitals and health 

care .facilities. Both domestic and international calls are placed using VOIP. Acted as interface with the FCC.

1997 – 2001 – Marketing Director, Novaflux Technologies, Princeton, NJ

  • Responsible for developing new business with government agencies and industries in the areas of medical device cleaning, water filtration, and membrane cleaning. The company received over 
  • $4 million in government and state support, and revenues from the private sector. The primary source of revenue was from the NIH and the DOD, through SBIR programs. Funding was used to develop a means of removing biofilm from dental equipment and endoscopes, reprocessing hemodialyzer cartridges, and sterilization of catheters. Other applications included the production of ultra pure water by means of filtration. The technology is based on a unique application of two-phase fluid flow through small-diameter passages. 

1989- 1997 – Director of R&D Engineering Technology, Breed Technologies, Inc., Boonton Township, NJ

  • Managed an R&D group with four PhDs responsible for the development and testing of airbag crash sensing algorithms, accelerometers, pressure sensors, occupant passenger sensors, other micro-machined devices, and advanced concept airbag inflators. The group filed over 10 patents presented several papers at SAE meetings. In 1995 received the Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement for Development of New Electronic Crash Sensor Algorithm. Major accomplishments of the R&D group are listed below.
  • Developed rapid software calibration for crash detection system for each production line vehicle using crash data collected from accelerometers mounted on vehicles during crash testing.
  • Invented and patented a stored gas airbag inflator that used helium which had the same output curve regardless of ambient temperature
  • Invented and patented a fast acting valve to release gas from a stored gas inflator
  • Assisted the company in patent disputes and validation procedures such as client imposed accelerated aging testing
  • Invented and patented the company’s first digital crash detection algorithm taking data from MEMS accelerometers
  • Introduced the first advanced level CAD systems and work station software analysis software for stress analysis, CFD and circuit design.
  • Purchased two mini Cray computers to complement FEA projects as mentioned above
  • Sponsored two PhD theses at NJIT in Newark, NJ
  • Developed crash simulation software in conjunction with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

NOTE: Breed supplied over half of the airbag sensing systems in the world from 1989 through 1997. The company went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1997 and later emerged as Key Systems.

1973 – 1989 – Ebasco Services, Inc. New York, NY, Member of advanced technology division. Sample project and systems integration management assignments:

1. Project/Program Manager 

  • Shippingport, Pennsylvania Nuclear Reactor Decommissioning Study, DOE, 1986
  • Remote Solar Power Applications for Saudi Arabian Highway Ministry – Saudi Arabian National Science Centre, 1982-84
  • Wind Turbine Company Acquisition Study, Exxon Corporation, 1982
  • Carolina Power & Light - Three Mile Island related nuclear accident reliability study, 1981 
  • Boiler Implosion Study for consortium of 20 utilities regarding designing control systems for forced draft fans for  Fossil Fuel Power Plants retrofitted with scrubbers and induced draft fans.1981
  • In-House R&D study of solar and wind energy resources, 1979-1981 ($1 million in in-house funding)

2. Systems Integration Manager

  • Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES), DOD, University of Wisconsin, 1987-89, $12 million study.
  • Liquid Metal Magnetohydrodyanmic Power Conversion for Space Satellites Study  with Ben Gurion University in the  Negev, Israel, DOD, 1985-1986, $2 million study. 
  • Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor - Princeton University, National Science Foundation, in collaboration with the former Grumman Aerospace directed the design of what was at the time the largest nuclear fusion test facility in the world.–1976-1979, $300 million project.

3. Other Assignments

  • Consulted on several nuclear power plant related licensing and safety analysis studies. 
  • Special assignments involving problems at construction sites of nuclear power plants. 
  • Authored or co-authored several winning proposals for industrial customers and the government including the Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor and the SMES program. 
  • Performed technology assessment studies  relating to potential investment or use of intellectual property developed by others. 

Note: Ebasco Services was purchased by Raytheon in the mid-1990’s and later by the Washington Group. Two other name changes have since occurred.

1973 – Guest Scientist, AT&T, Bell Laboratories –– Conducted basic research regarding solid state properties of materials using nuclear measurement tools.

Other Consulting Assignments (1989-2014):

  • Due Diligence Studies for Initial Public Offerings and Private Investors

  • Consultant: General Patent Corporation , Acacia Research, Lazare Frères, startup companies, etc.

Recent Activities

  • Designed and patented a portable device for water purification using a radioactive isotope to kill microbes and bacteria in water without use of electrical power. Possible joint venture 
  • with a publicly traded company is now being negotiated. Product has received interest from the Department of Defense.
  • Consultant to trial lawyer group studying the engineering of autonomous self driving vehicles including the 2013 Mercedes Benz S Class vehicle and the Google autonomous vehicle design. 
  • Expert witness in Class action law suit against BMW regarding inability of soft roof to close properly due to proximity sensor problems.

Expert Witness Experience:

  • Patent Infringement: two cases, one deposition, one case pending
  • Product liability  over 60 cases, 12 depositions

Professional Associations

  • Society of Automotive Engineers,   (SAE), Past Member
  • American Nuclear Society. – (ANS), Past Member
  • IEEE, Past Member
  • Member, Various National Nuclear Fusion Research Committees, 1977-1979
  • Member,  ASME Committee on Applied Superconductivity, 1988
  • Technical Proposal Reviewer for the New Jersey Science and Technology Commission, 1998-2001


  • Ph.D.  Physics, Rutgers University   1973  (joint program with Bell Laboratories)
  • B.A.    Physics, Rutgers University   1967

Sample Relevant Publications and Patents: (Over 20 publications and 3 patents)  

Available on full CV

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