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American Disabilities Act Expert Witness

Expert Witness No.2033



December 1975 Master of Science in Rehabilitation (double major of counseling and vocational evaluation) at the University of Arizona

May 1974 Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation with a minor in Psychology at the University of Arizona

Additional Training Areas
Mobility Training, Sign Language, Photography, Printing, Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) Certification, Family Counseling, and Ergonomics at CAIRE, Berkeley


August 1983 to present Certified Vocational Evaluator Ergonomic Specialist-Ergonomic Consultant, CEO of VES, Inc. and VTS, Inc.
Voice Activation Consultant (since 1996)
Perform Vocational Evaluations/Work Assessments/FCE
WCAB Conferences
Perform ergonomic on-site evaluations
Consult with human resource personnel and employers to determine course of action for employee
Established a full Low Vision, Blind Clinic with CCTVs, screenreaders, etc.
Recommendations of equipment
Identification of risk factors
Body mechanics training
Administrative and Marketing
Supply hardware, software, and equipment
Expert Testimony
Voice Activation/Dragon Naturally Speaking Consultant
Training on Digital Recorders
Published 18 books for voice activation for software application
Establishment of
Evaluation, Training, Installation of Equipment, and Consultation for Blind, Visually Impaired, Orthopedically Impaired and Learning Disabled
Served as Expert Consultant for State Legislature, SB1399 State Senator Vasconcellos-2004
Guest Speaker for Sacramento Cable for 3 TV programs on Ergonomics for Children, Hand Injuries/Assistive Devices, Voice Input
Speaker for Mercy Terrace, January, 2005, on Macular Degeneration, Vision after a stroke, and Retinitis Pigmentosa

February 1983 to the present
Chief Vocational Evaluator / Director-Vocational Evaluation Services Inc, Educational Services Division, BPPVE #340450 (Since April, 1994)
Ergonomic evaluations and ADA consultations
Report writing
Attending W. C. A. B.  Hearings, depositions
Began training blind students from Dept of Rehab-2004
Administration- Expert Testimony
Director of Training-15 training programs were established and approved by the Postsecondary Council of Education in 1993
Sales of ergonomic equipment

September 1980 to February 1983
Chief Vocational Evaluator with Goodwill Industries of Sacramento California
Evaluation utilizing work samples
Paper and pencil testing
Report writing
Attending conferences
Rehab Bureau meetings

October 1976 to December 1979
Program Counselor/Coordinator at Special Services Rehabilitation Center, University of Arizona
Peer and group counseling
Academic advisement
Development and administration of a program to serve the learning disabled and emotionally disturbed
Teamwork approach with our Adaptive P. E. component and medical staff
Coordination of activities with other departments and social service agencies throughout the United States
Lectured in graduate and undergraduate classes
Coordinated and evaluated interning brochures for program components
Orientation packet development
Population served: Visually impaired, deaf, physically disabled/ challenged, learning disabled/ challenged, and emotionally disturbed.

December 1975 to October 1976
Vocational Evaluator at the Tucson Skill Center
Created and evaluation unit utilizing computer analysis to monitor 1,000 clients per year for eight training clusters
Teacher Training in vocational evaluation
Taught sign language to staff
Staffing clients with social service sponsors
Population served: Culturally disadvantaged, deaf visually impaired, physically disabled/ challenged, learning and developmentally disabled/ challenged.

August 1975 to December 1975
Internship at the University of Arizona in the Vocational Evaluation Unit
Case management
Administrative work and job samples
Testing and evaluating clients
Samples included Singer, Valpar, J. E. V. S., Tower, and others
January 1975 to August 1975
Counselor at Arizona Training Center as an ACTION/VISTA  (Peace Corp.) volunteer
Individual and group counseling

December 1974 to August 1975
Counselor at Arizona Training Center as a Practicum student
Individual and group counseling
Job analysis
Job procurement for clients

April 1974 to December 1975
Employed as Coordinator by Special Services, Rehab Center, University of Arizona
Specialty areas included:
Architectural barriers for the handicapped

January 1971 to April 1974
Student clerk at the Admissions Office at the University of Arizona

Summer of 1971 and 1972
Photographer for the University of Arizona newspaper, The Wildcat

Consultations and Seminar Presentations and Awards

May 1975 Conference for the placement of the Severely Disabled
May 1975 Vocational Special Needs Workshop, Bisbee, Arizona
July and August 1975 NRA Regional Convention
April 1976 National Rehabilitation Association
October 1976 Architectural Barriers Specialist, Department of Economic Security
November 1995 CARRP, Upper Extremity Ergonomics
1997 CARRP, State Convention, Ergonomics and Adaptive Aids
Ergonomics Roundtable, Adaptive Keyboards and Assistive Devices, 1997 CARRP, Ergonomics and Your Client, 1998
1999 UCD Class for Disability Management on Ergonomics, Work Evaluations, and Functional Capacities
October 21, 2003Technology/Equipment and Ergonomic Solutions for those with upper extremity disabilities
September 20 2003-Nominated for People-to-People Ambassador to China with the Mental Health Forum
November 5, 2003 Wall of Tolerance Recipient
February 20, 2004 Workplace Excellence Award
October 18, 2005 Technology Faire, participant-UCDMC,
October 27, 2005 Disability Awareness & Employment Symposium
November 5, 2005 American GI Forum, Sponsor

Professional Memberships

NRA (National Rehabilitation Association)
SARA (Southern Arizona Rehabilitation Association)
NRCA (National Rehabilitation Counseling Association)
VEWAA (Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Association)
AAPD (Arizona Association for the Physically Disabled)
RPS (Rehabilitation Professionals of Sacramento)
CARRP (California Association of Rehabilitation & Re-Employment Professionals)
CAMECD (California Association for Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development)
May 1975-May 1977 Beacon Residence for the Retarded – Board of Directors
1976 AAPD State Secretary
1976 SARA Secretary
1976-1979 SARA Membership Chairperson
1977 AAPD Tucson Center for Independent Living – Executive Board
1978 AAPD State Public Relations Chairperson
1979 AAPD Vice President Tucson Chapter  
RPS Program Moderator
1984 Treasurer
1983 CARRP Legislative Chairperson
Education Committee
1985 VEWAA (California Chapter) Treasurer
1992 and 1993, 1998 and 1999 President
1994 - 1998 C. R. C Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
1978 – 1983 & 1987 – 2009    C. V. E. Certified Vocational Evaluator
1984 – 1999 Soroptimists of Greater Sacramento
1993 – 1999 Soroptimists - Service Committee Chair
1998-2005 Certified Educational Services Director, VES
1995-present    Chairperson of Vocational Evaluation, CAMECD
2005, 2006- Board of Directors, America at Work


Available upon request


Available upon request

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