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Auditorium Expert Witness

Expert Witness No.1370



University of Florida – Bachelor of Architecture, Special Studies in Acoustics, Continuing Education through ASA and NCAC meetings and Seminars

Instructional Experience:

Conducted Seminar on Noise and Vibration Control of Building Mechanical. Conducted two-day Noise Enforcement Seminar for a Local Police Department.

Conducted two-day Noise Enforcement Seminar for a local Department of Planning.  Conducted two-day Noise Enforcement Seminar for a local Police Department.

Conducted Two-day Noise Enforcement Seminar at local Police Department.  Speaker -Two-day seminar architectural acoustic standards

Conducted Two-Day Noise Enforcement Seminar at local Police Headquarters.

Conducted Two-Day Noise Enforcement Seminar at local hotel.  Conducted Two-Day Noise Enforcement Seminar in Florida.

Conducted Two-Day Noise Enforcement Seminar. Conducted Two-Day Noise Enforcement Seminar.

Conducted Two-Day Noise Enforcement Seminar.

Conducted Two-Day Noise Enforcement Seminar –Noise enforcement workshops – a local conference.

Experience Record:

Founder, President and Senior Consultant, A local Acoustical Consulting agency (est. 1972)
Responsible for acoustical design including auditorium acoustics, building noise control, mechanical systems noise control, environmental noise control, industrial noise control and sound reinforcement system design.

Provides:  Design, recommendations and specifications for new projects; trouble shooting and corrective design for existing facilities; noise measurements and evaluations; noise certification testing; investigations and legal testimony.

Projects include Cultural Arts Center; Osceola and East Lake High; Remodeling of the Auditorium and Experimental Theatre at a local University; Auditorium at local high school; Auditorium at local art Building, Multi-function gymnasium; Performing Arts Auditorium, accomplished  Renovations  to a Florida  Auditorium, local Performing Arts building.

Previous experience was as Manager of Architectural Acoustics for Goodfriend
Ostergaard Associates, Consulting Engineers in Acoustics
(1968-1971) With projects such as Expansion of flight Terminal at an Airport; Kodak offices, Hospital Expansion and Operation Breakthrough, Applied Acoustics and Illumination section

Professional Affiliations:

Acoustical Society of America (ASA)
1974 – 1977
Committee on Architectural Acoustics

1977, 1981, 1982
Technical Program Organizing Committee

Dec. 1977, Dec. 1982
Session Chairman – Architectural Acoustics

1998 – 2002
Committee TG42 on Classroom Acoustics

Florida Chapter of the Acoustical Society of America (Charter Member)
1990 – 1993
1975 – 1976
1973 – 1975
Convention Chairman

National Council of Acoustical Consultants (NCAC)
1988 – 1989
1986 – 1989
Board of Directors
1975 – 1988
Membership Committee

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
Committee E-33 Environmental Acoustics
1988 – 1993
E-33 Membership Secretary

Sound Absorption
Open Plan Office Spaces
Sound Transmission

American Institute of Physics
1973 – 1976
Noise Abatement Advisory Committee – Pinellas County, Florida

1982 – 1984
Energy Task Force – City of St. Petersburg, Florida ()

Lectures And Publications

Available Upon Request

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