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Aviation Safety Inspector Expert Witness

Expert Witness No.2915

Expert No. 2915 has 42+ years of experience in the aviation industry. Expert No. 2915 completed a 34.8 year career with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and United States Department of State on January 2004. While at the FAA he acted a variety of senior FAA management positions as a Senior FAA Aviation Safety Inspector both Air Carrier and General Aviation Airworthiness & Operations, Deputy Director Flight Standards Service (AFS-2), Manager Aircraft Maintenance Division (AFS-300), Senior Aviation Technical Advisor, Director Flight Standards Service (AFS-3) Team Lead of the Flight Standards Quality Assurance and System Process Audit Staff (AFS-40), Manager of the Major and Special Accident Investigation Branches and Deputy Division Manager, Accident Investigation Division. Expert No. 2915 additionally served as a Department of State Senior Foreign Service Diplomatic Officer as United States Air Navigation Commissioner, Deputy United States Representative to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Alternate United States Representative on the Council of the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization, the highest Civil Aviation Organization in the world.

Expert No. 2915 is an FAA Pilot with Single and Multi Engine Land, Instrument Rating, Rotorcraft Helicopter, Advanced, Instrument and Flight Instructor Ratings, Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic, FAA Inspection Authorization and FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative (DART831138EA). Expert No. 2915 was also appointed by the Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation as a Designated Airworthiness Aviation Safety Inspector (DAI). Expert No. 2915 is an ISO Lead Quality Management Systems (QMS) Auditor, Certified as Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB/QSA) ISO 9001/2008 QMS Lead Auditor, Internal QMS Lead Auditor and AS-9100 & AS-9110 Aerospace Industry Experienced Lead Auditor. Expert No. 2915 has a degree in Aviation Science. Additionally Expert No. 2915 is a Certified International Air Transport Association Operational Aviation Safety  Auditor  certified  in  the  disciplines  of  Airline  Engineering  and  Maintenance,  Airline  Security procedures, Aircraft Dispatch, Cabin Safety Operations, Aircraft Cargo and Ground Handling Operations including Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods, Airline Organizational Structure and is a Certified International Standard for Business Aircraft Operational Lead Auditor (IS-BAO) for all disciplines and Air Charter Safety Foundation CFR Part135 Certified Operational Safety Auditor.

Work Highlights

•    Manager of the FAA Accident Investigation “GO TEAM” Responsible as FAA Investigator in Charge for the supervision, management & investigation of 47 of the worlds worst aviation disasters involving: mid air and runway collisions, sabotage, structural failure, pilot error, wind shear & mechanical failures.

•    Performed   initial   FAA   certification,   inspection   and   surveillance   of   air   carriers,   avionics   and airframe/powerplant repair stations, pilot/mechanic schools. FAA task force leader of special investigations/audits of the Air Traffic Control System, flight operations and airworthiness safety oversight programs, National Airspace Flight Inspection System and FAA Aircraft Certification Process.

•    Served as the Principal FAA spokesperson at Numerous National Transportation Safety Board Accident
Investigation Public Hearings.

•    Occupied the principal leadership position as Vice President on the  highest Aviation Technical body in the world as United States Air Navigation Commissioner and Vice President of the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization Air Navigation Commission.

•    As Air Navigation Commissioner provided executive direction and oversight over aviation programs in the fields of aviation medicine, aviation law, air traffic control, aviation security, airworthiness and flight operations, communications, navigation and surveillance, accident investigation, search and rescue and aeronautical information services.

•    Appointed by the Dept. of State as Alternate United States Representative to the United Nations Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization and Member of the United Nations Air Transport Committee.

•    FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative (DART831138EA) all makes, all models up to
875,000 Lbs. Authorized FAA Function Codes: 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 49
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Current Aviation Consultant Activities

•    Appointed as Designated Airworthiness Aviation Safety Inspector for Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation. Conduct airworthiness certification functions on repair stations and all makes and models of aircraft. Perform all other functions assigned to an Aviation Safety Inspector.

•    On going project, Assigned to a major International freight forward company whose aircraft operation were suspended by the United States Air Force from conducting any air cargo operations into Afghanistan. Project: To secure reliable and safe air cargo transport to allow company to resume operations supporting the Multi National Force. The process involves vetting various air carriers throughout the Middle East Region. The objective is to identify safety critical deficiencies assess overall capability of each operator to supply and maintain applicable type aircraft, assure adequate controls are in place to continue to insure safe flight operations activities, review company organizational structure and assure that there are adequate technical personnel necessary to operate an International Civil Aviation Organization air carrier. Continue to accomplished high level aviation safety audits of each air carrier. The initial freight forward company was re-authorized to resume operations. I continue to conduct periodic surveillance of all activities to ensure overall continued aviation safety compliance.

•    On going project, Contract to conduct aviation safety assessment of foreign civil air carrier operations contracted to transport contractor personnel in and out of Baghdad International Airport and various forward bases within Iraq. Conduct high level aviation safety audits of various foreign air carriers throughout the Middle East region. Aviation safety assessment plan is still active.

•    On going project, Certified as an Aviation Operational Safety Auditor (IOSA) by the International Air Transport Association to conduct and formally report the results of aviation safety audits of air carrier operations worldwide. Assess air carrier safety compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization Standards, Recommended practices and procedures in the areas of flight Operations, Aircraft Dispatch Procedures,    Airline    Operational    Security,    Cargo    Operations,    Ground    Handling    Operations, Airworthiness Procedures and Airline Organizational Structure. Associated with one of only seven authorized organizations in the world to perform these specific aviation safety audits.

•    Certified Operational Aviation Safety Auditor to conduct International Business Aircraft operations as passing the IBAC/NBAA International Business Aircraft Operational Safety Compliance Audit

•    On going project, Contract with major international aviation safety consulting firms to conduct Federal Aviation  Administration  (FAA),  International  Civil  Aviation  Organization  ICAO,  International  Air Transport Association (IATA), International Standard Business Aviation Operations (IS-BAO) and Department of Defense regulatory aviation safety gap analysis and pre certification audits for international and domestic air carriers & business aviation operations worldwide.

•    On going project, Contract to conduct asset management activities for major financial institutions involving evaluating the status of major aviation assets to include aircraft, FAA/European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) 145 Repair Stations, maintenance and engineering facilities, flight operations activities, airworthiness activities, litigation activities, airline bankruptcy evaluation, due diligence audits, aircraft  and  equipment  repossession,  storage,  re-inspection  and  evaluation of  overall  airlines  and business aviation operations and operational safety procedures for any aviation activity worldwide. Clients include: United Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Continental Airlines, Continental Micronesia, Delta Airlines, Eva Air, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Dragon Air, Aloha Airlines, Federal Express, Arrow Air, Aero Flight, National Air Cargo, Murray Air, Sharouk Airways, Pinnacle Airlines, Independence Air, Cayman Airlines, Royal Airlines, Av Craft, Frontier Airlines, Chicago Express, Omni Air International, Comair, KBR Halliburton and Aero California. Aircraft asset inspections include conducting regularly scheduled conformity inspections and safety compliance audits on the following makes and models of aircraft B747, B777, B767, B757, B737, BBJ, B727, A340, A330, A310, A300, A320, A319, A318, DC10, MD11, CRJ, J41, DC-9, MD80, MD90, DC-8, DHC-7 & 8, DO328, IL-76, L-100-382, DA-10, 20 & 50, F900EX, 2000EX, HP-125, GIV-X, GV-SP, GIII, GII, G100, ERJ170, CL601, BH206, UH1, H500, H-4000 and Various General aviation airplanes and rotorcraft-helicopters.

•    Contract to opine and provide expert guidance and advice in FAA Emergency Airman Revocation Orders. Review proposed compromise settlement and gather information necessary for National Transportation  Safety  Board  appeal  process  and  civil  litigation.  Articulate  intricate  concepts  for attorneys and judge in clear concise manner. Critique opposing expert analysis, prepare affidavits and expert opinion in the form of fully vetted reports.

•    On going project, Contracts with various aviation litigation law firms worldwide to support aviation accident investigation and litigation. Provide expert testimony, develop and provide complex theories on accident investigation activities worldwide.

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