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Biomechanical Human Factors Rape Expert Witness

Expert Witness No. 78

Oregon & Nevada

Consulting And Forensic Services

Human Performance

Human Factors

Biomechanical Engineering

Personal Injury And Accident Analysis –
Specializing In The ’People’ Part Of Accidents 

Vehicle Accidents/Occupant Kinematics
Industrial Design and Safety/Human Factors
Slips, Trips and Falls
Product Liability


Princeton University; Princeton, NJ; 1960; B.S.E.
East Stroudsburg State College; East Stroudsburg, PA; 1970; M.Ed.
Indiana University; Bloomington, IN; 1973; Ph.D.

Undergraduate Major Area: Engineering
Graduate Major Area: Human Performance: Biomechanics/Kinesiology
Graduate Minor Area: Motor Learning, Computer Science, Statistics and Design

Professional Experience 

2000-  Adjunct Professor: University of Nevada-Las Vegas; Las Vegas, NV
1997-  Professor Emeritus: University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
1985-1996  Professor: University of Oregon, Eugene, OR                                                         Director: Biomechanics Laboratory, Eugene, OR
1991-1996  Head: Dept. of Exercise and Movement Science; University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
1984-  President: BioDynamics Foundation; Eugene, OR
1984-90  Vice President; Bio-Dynamics Corporation, Eugene, OR
1982-84  Founder, President; Bio-Dynamics Corporation; Senior Scientist; Eugene, OR
1979-85  Associate Professor; University of Oregon; Director: Biomechanics Laboratory              1974-79  Assistant Professor; University of Oregon; Director: Biomechanics Laboratory
1973-74  Assistant Professor; University of Massachusetts; Amherst, MA
1970-73  Graduate Student; Indiana University; Bloomington, IN
1968-70  Director of Athletics; Blair Academy; Blairstown, NJ
1964-70  Teacher of Mathematics; Blair Academy, Head Coach, Football; Blairstown, NJ
1963-64  Teacher of Mathematics; Randor High School, Assistant Coach; Wayne, PA
1960-63  Officer, U.S. Navy

Representative Cases 

Vehicle Accidents/Occupant Kinematics

Three separate incidents to determine which, of two occupants involved in. fatal auto accidents was driving. Vehicle and site inspection data plus evaluation of injuries were incorporated in the analysis to determine who was driving.

Comparative analysis of the effect of a seat belt on injury prevention and restraint versus the actual outcome of ejection and resulting injuries. Vehicle dynamics were examined and their effect on occupant dynamics evaluated and compared to recorded injuries.

A number of cases involving low to medium speed rear-end impacts. Cases are typically evaluated using risk factors and occupant kinematics to identify injury mechanisms. Consistency between actions and injuries play an important role

Industrial Design and Safety/Human Factors

Determination of contributing factors in. several, nail gun accidents. Issues assessed included the adequacy of the design relative to human performance capabilities, expected use patterns and use and effect of warnings.

Evaluation of the adequacy of the design of a machine relative to safety when cleaning and operating. The evaluation included site and product examination coupled with an analysis of human perceptions and expectations.

Slip Trip and Falls

Evaluation of numerous slip, trip and fall accidents to determine the contributions of the individuals versus the environment. These cases typically involve a detailed evaluation of the site in. relationship to the perceptions, expectations and assumptions of the individual. Evaluation of the causes of a fall while descending a stairway. The primary issue was whether small deviations in. riser heights and tread slopes could alter performance sufficiently to result in. the claimed fall..

Product Liability

Several instances involving shoe failures (including golf, walking and baseball shoes) have been evaluated to determine their effect on injuries while properly performing the activity.

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