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Board Certified Neurosurgeon Medical Expert Witness

Expert Witness No.2446




Diplomate, American Board of Neurological Surgery                                          


Fellow, American College of Surgeons                                                                


Diplomate, American College of Physician Executives                                        


Certified, American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (CIME)                


Qualified Medical Evaluator Examination                                                              


Medical Board of California Medical Reviewer                                                     




            Masters Degree, Business Administration                                             1996-1998

            Pepperdine University School of Business

            Malibu, California


            Residency in Neurological Surgery                                                         1977-1982

            University of Wisconsin school of Medicine

            Madison, Wisconsin


            General Surgery Straight Internship                                                        1976-1977

            Maimonides Medical Center Affiliated with  

            State University of New York

            Brooklyn, New York


            Medical Degree & Rotating Internship                                                     1967-1974

            Tehran University School of Medicine,

            Tehran, Iran



California, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Washington, Wisconsin, and Utah




            Neurological Surgery Practice                                                           2008 - Present

            Westlake Village, California


            Staff Neurological Surgeon                                                                 2008 - Present

            Mayo Clinic Health System                                                                                               

            Eau Claire, Wisconsin


            Staff Neurological Surgeon                                                                      2008 - 2010

            Kalispell Regional Medical Center

            Kalispell, Montana


            Staff Neurological Surgeon                                                                      1985 - 2008

            Kaiser Permanente Health Care Program                                                                    

            Los Angeles & Woodland Hills, California


            Neurological Surgery Practice                                                                 1983 -1984

            Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks,

            Simi Valley, Camarillo, California


            Staff Neurological Surgeon                                                                      1982 - 1983

            Gundersen Clinic                                                                                                              

            La Crosse, Wisconsin




            Regional Chief of Neurosurgery                                                             1997 - 2004

            Kaiser Permanente Health Care Program

            Southern California Region


            Chief, Department of Neurosurgery                                                       1988 - 2004

            Kaiser Permanente Medical Center

            Woodland Hills, California


            Member, Board of Directors                                                                     1989 - 2000

            Southern California Permanente Medical Group


            President & President-elect, Hospital Staff                                          1997 - 2000

            Kaiser Foundation Hospital

            Woodland Hills, California


            Chairperson, Executive Committee                                                       1999 - 2000

            Kaiser Foundation Hospital

            Woodland Hills, California



            Chairperson, Accreditation Committee                                                  1997 - 1999

            Kaiser Foundation Hospital

            Woodland Hills, California


            Chairperson, Quality Care Committee                                                   1997 - 1999

            Southern California Permanente Medical Group


            Chairperson, Credentials Committee                                                     1988 -1994

            Kaiser Foundation Hospital

            Woodland Hills, California




            Rules & Regulations Committee                                                               1999-2000

            Dispute and Resolution Committee                                                          1994-2000

            Bioethics Committee                                                                                  1999-2000

            Executive Committee                                                                                  1997-2000

            Physician Benefits Committee                                                                   1997-2000

            Quality Care Committee                                                                              1995-2000

            Operating Room Committee                                                                       1988-2000

            Accreditation Committee                                                                            1997-1999

            Utilization Management Committee                                                           1996-1999

            Out-Patient Access Committee                                                                  1996-1999

            Hospital Reconfiguration Committee                                                        1997-1999

            Business Plan and Marketing Committee                                                 1995-1998

            Medical Director Review Committee                                                          1989-1995

            Credentials Committee                                                                               1988-1994

            Critical Care Committee                                                                             1990-1994

            Quality Improvement Committee                                                               1988-1993

            Medical Group Budget Committee                                                             1992-1993

            Physicians and Administration Interaction Committee                            1989-1990



            America’s Top Surgeons Award                                                            2006

            Consumers’ Research Council of America

            Washington, District of Columbia


          America’s Top Surgeons Award            .                                                    2004

            Consumers’ Research Council of America

            Washington, District of Columbia


           America’s Top Surgeons Award                                                                 2002

          Consumers’ Research Council of America

          Washington, District of Columbia


          Exceptional Contribution Award                                                                   2000

          Kaiser Permanente Heath Care Program

            Southern California


          Distinguished Scholar Award                                                                         2000

            Association of Professors and Scholars of

            Iranian Heritage, Los Angeles, California


Top-Rated Physician in America                                                                               1999

            Center for Study of Services

            Washington, District of Columbia



            American College of Surgeons                                                              1988-Present

            American College of Physician Executives                                        1996-Present

            Congress of Neurological Surgeons                                                   1985-Present

            California Association of Neurological Surgeons                            2007-Present

            University of Wisconsin Medical School, Alumni                              1998-Present

            Pepperdine University School of Business, Alumni                        1998-Present

            Physicians without Borders                                                                   1995-Present





Available upon request.


Available upon request.

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