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Chemical Engineering Environmental Expert Witness

Expert Witness No.187



1957-61 Atlantic City High School Atlantic City, NJ

1961-1965, A.B. June, 1965 Franklin and Marshall College Lancaster, PA
(Physical and Biophysical Chemistry)

1965-69; Ph.D. August, 1969 Northwestern University Evanston, IL
(Physical and Biophysical Chemistry)

1969-1970 Yale University New Haven, CT
N.I.H. Postdoctoral Fellow, December 1970

Professional Experience

1970-75 Assistant Professor Tufts University School of Medicine
Department of Biochemistry and Pharmacology Boston, MA

1975-77 Assistant Professor Utah State University
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Logan, UT

1977-1983 Associate Professor Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Utah State University, Logan, UT

1982-1997 President Chemical Safety Associates, Inc. San Diego, CA

1997 - present President Advanced Chemical Safety San Diego, CA

1989 Chairman, Chemical Control Board City of Torrance, California

1999-2005 Editorial Board, Occupational Hazards

1999-Present Editorial Board, Journal of Chemical Health and Safety

1999-2005 Editorial Advisory Board Laboratory Safety and Environmental

2003 Chair-elect, Division of Chemical Health and Safety of the American
Chemical Society

2004 Chair, Division of Chemical Health and Safety of the American Chemical Society

Areas Of Specialization

Environmental Regulations
OSHA Regulations
Work Place Safety
Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Chemical Management
Hazardous Material Safety
Reactive and Explosive Chemical Safety
Hazardous Material Spill Response
Compressed Gas Emergency Response
Hazardous Materials Regulations
Industrial Emergency Response
Biophysical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry of Proteins
Chemical Thermodynamics


Registered Environmental Assessor (California), 1990
Certified Environmental Inspector, 1991

Professional Meetings Attended

VII International Flavin Conference, March 30, 1975, San Francisco, California

27th International Calorimetry Society, July 26-30, 1975, Seattle Washington

Scripps Institute of Oceanography (visiting Scientist and Lecturer), June, 1975, La Jolla, California

American Society of Biological Chemists, June 1976, San Francisco, California

28th International Calorimetry Conference, September 1976, Argonne, Illinois

International Calorimetry Conference, July 1977, Montreal, Canada

Biophysical Society, March, 1978, Washington, D.C.

International Calorimetry Conference, July 1980, Eutola, Alabama

Japanese Thermal Analysis Society, (Invited paper), November, 1981, Hamamatsu, Japan

American Chemical Society, (Invited paper), March, 1982, Las Vegas, Nevada

American Society of Safety Engineers (local chapter), (Invited paper), April, 1984, San Diego, California

Oklahoma Safety Council, (Invited paper), August, 1984, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

American Chemical Society, (Invited paper), April, 1985, San Diego, California

Semiconductor Safety Association Conference, May 1985, Phoenix, Arizona

American Society of Safety Engineers Conference, June 1985, San Diego, California

Semiconductor Safety Association Conference, (Invited paper), May 1986, Phoenix, Arizona

SEMI Conference on Gallium - Arsenide Safety, San Jose, February 1988

American Chemical Society, Conference on Chemical Entrepreneurship, Las Vegas, March 1988

HAZCAT, Los Angeles, June 1988

American Society of Safety Engineers Conference, October 1988, San Diego, California

Semiconductor Safety Association Conference, (Invited paper), April 1990, Phoenix, Arizona

American Society of Safety Engineers Conference, (Invited paper), April 1990, San Diego, California

AMOCO Corporation Health & Safety Conference, (2 Invited Papers), May, 1990, Chicago, Illinois

ACS Meeting, June 1997, San Francisco (Invited Paper)

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