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Chemical Petroleum Engineer Scale Up Expert Witness



Expert No. 1147


  • Land and offshore Oil and Gas Drilling, completions and well service Planning and Operations Management
  • Directional, Horizontal, and Extended Reach Drilling
  • Managed Pressure and Underbalanced Drilling
  • Remote Exploritory Drilling projects



  • Self-educated petroleum drilling engineer
  • Completion of Exxon Drilling Engineering School, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Completion of many industry related schools and seminars including Well Control, Floating Drilling,
  • Drilling Fluids, Stuck Pipe, Technical Limits and K&M Extended-reach Drilling



  • Current IADC Well Control and H2S certifications



  • Languages: English (native),
  • Spanish (good),
  • Portuguese (good), 
  • Indonesian (some)



  • Over 40 years as Drilling Engineer, Drilling Supervisor, and Drilling Superintendent.
  • Exploratory and development drilling, workover, completion and testing.
  • Deep, HTHP, H2S, CO2, directional, horizontal, extended-reach, managed-pressure and underbalanced drilling conditions.
  • Planning and execution responsibility for all drilling and wellsite operations.
  • Well planning, preparation of drilling programs, AFE’s and procedures.
  • Tendering and contract administration for drilling services and materials.
  • Forensic investigations of unplanned drilling and safety incidents resultant from operational or engineering errors or equipment failures.
  • Proficiency in ‘Microsoft Office’, and working experience with Halliburton “OpenWells”, Canrig “Perc” and Peloton “WellView” drilling reporting software, as well as WellPlan, StressCheck, and other drilling engineering software.



  • Well planning, preparation of AFE’s and drilling programs for two 11,000ft remote-location exploratory wells in Central America; tendering and vendor/contractor selection for materials and services.
  • Wellsite operator’s representative for Marcellus Shale horizontal drilling operations in north-eastern Pennsylvania; +/-6,500ft TVD, +/-12,000ft MD (+/-5,000ft lateral displacement) gas wells, employing synthetic-oil-based drilling fluids.
  • Operator’s representative for the drilling of +/-7,300ft TVD, +/- 12,500ft MD (+/-5,000ft lateral displacement) Marcellus Shale gas wells near Dubois, Pa. utilizing Precision Drilling Co. and Horizontal Well Drillers “Super-Single” drilling rigs.
  • Operations planning and coordination for the drilling of four 4,300ft TVD directional brine wells on Matarandiba Island, Bahia, Brazil; responsible for preparation of drilling AFE’s and programs; tendering, negotiation and administration of rig and service company contracts; analysis and resolution of operational problems.
  • Onsite Engineer/Supervisor for the drilling of deep (6,200m - 20,300ft), high pressured (1.98sg - 16.5ppg), high temperature (230° C - 450° F) exploratory land wells near Maco, Hungary.
  • Operator’s representative for 14,500ft directional wells drilled and completed on turnkey contract for Pemex, onshore Tabasco Mexico. ‘Underbalanced’ drilling practices and nitrified foam or ‘two-phase’ (water/N2) drilling fluids were used while drilling production intervals having equivalent formation pressures from 4 to 6 ppg; production liners were cemented using nitrogen-lightened lead slurries.
  • Operational responsibility for the drilling and drillstem testing of 11,000 to 16,000ft remote exploratory land wells in Paraná, Brazil. Utilization of air drilling techniques to penetrate igneous (basalt) formations from surface to approximately 1,000m; Nitrified drilling fluids and “near balance” drilling practices were used while drilling potentially hydrocarbon-bearing formations; logistics management for the two rig project; ordering and scheduling of materials, tools and services; engineering support and constant monitoring of rig activities; drilling contractor and service companies’ contracts tendering and administration; management of drilling location and access road construction.
  • Drilling and completions supervision for 11,000 to15, 000ft development and exploratory wells in Monagas, Eastern Venezuela.
  • Operations responsibility for the drilling of two exploratory wells in the Ucayall basin, Eastern Peru - 8,500ft and 13,500ft wells, employing a Parker Drilling Co. heli-transportable rig, and helicopter transport for all logistical support.
  • Field engineering responsibility for one 3,000hp drilling rig and one completion/workover rig working in Alturitas field, Western Venezuela; Field operations included short-radius horizontal 11,500ft TVD wells with 2,000ft lateral displacement.
  • Preparation of drilling AFE’s and programs and engineering support for the drilling and testing of exploratory wells in and near the Quiriquire field, Eastern Venezuela; operations supervision for the first of these wells.
  • Well planning and operational responsibility for the drilling of an 11,500ft high-risk exploratory well in Southern Patagonia, Argentina.
  • Responsible for AFE’s, Well planning, preparation of turnkey bids, and engineering support for drilling, completion and well-service projects; wellsite supervision for 10,000+ft wells in South Texas coastal waters for Ashland Exploration, Inc.; Drilling supervision for a 10,000ft turnkey directional well in Plaquemine Parish, Louisiana for Aran Energy Corp.
  • Investigation of a blowout near Neuquén, Argentina, and subsequent preparation of a report identifying the causes of the incident and recommending procedures to be implemented in order to minimize possibilities of future similar occurrences.
  • Supervision of land exploratory drilling operations for Lagoven in Eastern Venezuela, and exploration and development wells for Maraven in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela.
  • Oil Company representative for land drilling and completion projects in Kuwait. Captured by Iraqi military during their invasion of Kuwait on 2 August, 1990, and was held as political hostage in Kuwait and Baghdad until 9 December, 1990.
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