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Closed Head Injury Medical Expert Witness



Expert Witness No.2041



Pennsylvania State University State College, PA

16 week course sponsored by the National Academy of Neuropsychology 2018 Applications of Brain Imaging in Clinical Neuropsychology; Frank G. Hillary, Ph.D,

Professor of Psychology, Social Life and Engineering Science Imaging Center


Medical College of Georgia Atlanta, Georgia

16 week course sponsored by the National Academy of Neuropsychology 2016 Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology; Gregory Lee, Ph.D, Professor of Neuroanatomy


Georgia Health Science University Augusta, Georgia

16 week course sponsored by the National Academy of Neuropsychology 2014 Clinical Neuroanatomy; Gregory Lee, Ph.D., Professor of Neuroanatomy


Alliant University San Diego, California

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology 1978


New School for Social Research New York, New York

Ph.D. Program in Psychology


Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia

M.S. Degree in Clinical Psychology 1968


University of Delaware Newark, Delaware

B.A. Degree in Psychology 1966



  • California Youth Authority, Youth Training School Chino, California Post-doctoral internship in Clinical Psychology 1,500 hours 1978-1979
  • California Youth Authority, Youth Training School Chino, California Pre-doctoral internship in Clinical Psychology 1,500 hours 1977-1978


  • Fieldwork Site Supervisor Los Angeles, California
  • Psychology 195A, UCLA Department of Psychology 2018-Present
  • Assistant Clinical Professor Los Angeles, California
  • Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Keck School of Medicine USC July 2005-July 2006



Private Practice Orange County, California

Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychology 1980-Present

Private Practice Orange County, California

Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling 1977-Present

Doctoral Dissertation Committee Member Carpinteria, California

Pacifica University 2010-2011

Consultant Orange County, California

Psychological Treatment Services July 1992–November 1992 Clinical neuropsychological and behavioral screening of at-risk infants and children. Psychological testing to assist in identifying psycho-educational, psychological and neuropsychological problems. Short-term interventions with families. Liaison with Department of Social Services and Foster Family Agency to effect and implement recommendations. Clinical assessment, individual and group psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis. Treatment of adults, adolescents, and children

Probable Cause Hearing Officer Orange County, California

March 1994-

Psychology Associate; Staff Psychologist; Senior Psychologist Chino, California California Youth Authority, Youth Training School June 1976– May 1983 Aided in the formation and implementation of comprehensive psychological services program for the institution. Conducted individual and group psychotherapy. Treated individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and various psychological problems. Supervised and trained staff in treatment techniques and crisis intervention. Conducted psychodiagnostic and psychotherapeutic evaluations for the California Youth Authority Board.  Consultant to the First Offenders Program. Directed multidisciplinary team conferences. Provided treatment support services to specialized counseling program.  Trained psychiatric nurses and other paraprofessional staff in group and individual therapy techniques. Supervised psychology interns. Formulated individual treatment programs. Supervised psychological and psychiatric staff. In charge of development and implementation of psychological services contracts. Trained psychiatric nurses, interns, and staff. Conducted consultative services for the entire institution. Conducted evaluations and offered testimony before Youth Authority Board. Conducted performance evaluations of psychologists. Prepared and approved invoices for contract psychologists and consulting psychiatrists.  Performed evaluations for the Youth Authority Board, medical staff, and youth counselors. Formulated individualized treatment plans.

Performed crisis intervention.

Staff Clinical Psychologist New Castle, Delaware

Delaware State Hospital March 1969–May 1976

Provided psychological services for a 220-bed acute care unit and periodically acted as Unit Director. Examined new admissions, conducted clinical interviews, mental status examinations and diagnostic workshops. Administered selected, scored and interpreted results of a wide variety of psychological tests. Performed psychological evaluations of considerable difficulty. Participated in classifying and diagnosing cases. Completed psycho-diagnostic evaluations of adolescents and adults. Conducted individual, conjoint, group and family therapy with patients suffering from a wide range of disorders. Examined defendants for competency to stand trial in criminal proceedings. Supervised psychologists, interns, and nurses. Taught therapeutic and diagnostic techniques to students and volunteers. Received supervision from Board Certified Psychologists and Psychiatrists.  Periodically served as Acting Chief Psychologist.

Psychological Assistant 1975

Individual, Group, conjoint, and family therapy as well as, psycho-diagnostic evaluations for private practice group.

Psychology Instructor Wilmington, Delaware

Goldey Beacom College May 1975–May 1976

Taught Psychology and Sociology in Special Veterans Evening Division.


Consulting Psychologist Richmond, Virginia

Virginia Department of Vocational Rehabilitation September 1968-March 1969 Conducted Psychological evaluations and outpatient psychotherapy with individuals referred by the department of Vocational Rehabilitation. Prepared psychological reports. Assisted in disposition of cases.


Lecturer and Teaching Assistant Richmond, Virginia Virginia Commonwealth University September 1966-August 1968 Taught classes in Experimental Psychology and Clinical Psychology. Administered and scored psychological tests.

Psychological Assistant Petersburg, Virginia

Central State Hospital June 1967-September 1967

Conducted psycho-diagnostic evaluations, vocational testing and career counseling. Aided patients in achieving effective adjustment. Reported test results and made recommendations regarding disposition of cases at weekly multidisciplinary team conference.

Psychiatric Social Worker Petersburg, Virginia

Wilmington Mental Hygiene Clinic June 1966-September 1966 Interviewed individuals for case histories. Conducted individual group and family therapy. Member of Community Emergency Crisis Intervention Team. Visited patient’s home when emergencies arose.

Expert Child Custody Evaluator Superior Court, County of Orange Superior court, County of San Bernardino Superior court, County of Riverside



  • Psychologist, California Licensed Psychologist March 26, 1976 Pennsylvania
  • Licensed Marriage, Family, & Child Counselor September 12, 1977 California
  • National Register of Health Service Psychologists July, 1981 California
  • Independent Medical Examiner November 1, 1991-1993 California
  • 1990-93 Superior Court Adult and Juvenile Panel Court Appointed Expert Orange County, California Superior Court, Adult and Juvenile Panel Los Angeles County, California
  • Court Appointed Expert Superior Court Kern County, California Adult and Juvenile Panel, Expert Evaluator Child Custody San Bernardino, Riverside, &  Orange   County, California Los Angeles County Superior Court: Confession & eyewitnesses ID expert panel Los Angeles, California Los Angeles County Superior Court: Neuropsychology/neurology expert panel Los Angeles, California Certified Forensic Expert (Peer Reviewed) Inland Southern Chapter, California Psychological Association



Family Law

  • 730 evaluations of child sexual abuse allegations in custody disputes and dependency proceedings
  • Evaluation and treatment of Department of Social Services cases involving molestation and adoptions referred by the Courts
  • Mediation of visitation and disputes irecen cases referred by the Courts
  • Psychological evaluation of individuals in adoptions and termination of parental rights cases 730 psychological evaluations for child custody
  • Conduct bonding studies for Orange County Juvenile Court 733 experts in Family Court custody matters
  • Court certified expert: neuropsychology, eyewitness ID, false confession- Los Angeles County Superior Court

Criminal Law

  • Designated expert testamentary capacity Designated expert in PTSD by superior court
  • Designated expert in effects of substances on the brain (published in area) Designated expert in neuropsychological assessment
  • Designated expert in eyewitness identification Assessment of juveniles in fitness matters Assessment of false confession
  • Evaluation of competency to stand trial (published in area) Evaluation of sanity at the time of an offense
  • Evaluation of individuals charged with Penal Code 288 offenses Evaluation/analysis of criminal intent and state of mind (published in area) Evaluation of learning disabled offenders
  • Evaluation of juveniles in cases pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code 707 Psychological evaluation of minors in contested dispositional hearings Analysis of voluntariness of confessions and Miranda issues
  • Defense to expert witness- Clergy abuse matter retrospective analysis; psychological autopsy

Personal Injury

  • Evaluation of individuals in insurance defense and plaintiff cases Treatment of victims of violent crime and workplace violence
  • Dependency Court, Orange County: reviewed treatment program and facility for the court; conducted bonding study of mother and child in correctional facility for the court; psychological evaluations for Department of Social Services; psychological assessments for parental termination hearings.

Clinical Treatment

  • Therapeutic Orientation:  Psychodynamic; Analytic; Cognitive-Behavioral; Expressive-Emotive
  • Referred patients for treatment of PTSD; patients were peace officers who were in car crashes during pursuits, treatment of victims of violent crimes, domestic violence, TBI
  • Designated expert in PTSD by Superior Court Treatment of patients with depression
  • Treat patients with disorders of anxiety and depression, pain disorders, and substance abuse Conjoint parent-child therapeutic treatment

Marital therapy

  • Family therapy with blended and biological families and victims of trauma Treatment of victims of physical and sexual abuse
  • Anxiety management and therapeutic treatment of patients with panic disorder
  • Assessment and treatment of PTSD and complex PTSD in combat war veterans in Afghanistan as well as Iraq. Featured article in Division of Trauma Psychology, American Psychological Association
  • Individual psychotherapeutic treatment with the brain-injured Individual and family therapy with geriatric patients
  • Couples therapy with disabilities
  • Crisis intervention specialist with Brea, Placentia, and Anaheim police; assist in determination of 5150 holds with patients with acute mental disorders

Pre-marital counseling

  • Treatment of individuals with dementia and neurological disorders Treating mental-health provider for military families
  • Treatment of individuals referred by employee assistant plans Treatment and management of patients with chronic pain
  • Treatment of patients with addictions and co-occurring psychiatric disorders


Pro Bono Services

  • Mentoring in Research for Students at Pepperdine University Past volunteer at Inner City Ministries
  • Past volunteer, Orange County Rescue Mission, 10 years Conducted training for Rape Crisis Center of Ventura County
  • Conducted Rape-Crisis Center Domestic Violence Training for Interface Children & Family Services- Ventura County
  • Pro bono counseling services to individuals and families Pro bono services to patients in crisis
  • Designated mentor, Eldorado High School, Yorba Linda, California
  • Pro Bono Lecture at Pepperdine University with Research Assistant Maribel Conteras.
  • Pro Bono Presentation on Career Paths in Forensic Psychology, University of Delaware, Neward, DE

Clinical Treatment oversight

  • Appointed by court to evaluate efficacy of residential treatment programs

Clinical Supervision

  • Supervised psychologists treatment and assessment at California Youth Authority

Evaluation of Sexual Deviance

  • Served on task force reporting to San Bernardino County Juvenile Court on assessment of risk with sex offenders
  • Testified as 733 expert in evaluation of sexual deviance in Orange County Family Law Court
  • Gave presentation on psychological assessment of sexual abuse allegations to Minor’s Counsel section of Orange County Superior Court (CLE presentation)
  • Testify as expert for Orange County District Attorney in sexual abuse allegations Conduct 288.1 P.C. psychological evaluations for Criminal Court
  • Testify as expert in analysis of police interview techniques in child molestation matters Conduct expert psychological evaluations of sexually violent predators
  • Certified in administration and interpretation of Abel Inventory of Sexual Interests Protocol
  • Ongoing participation in research on various types of sex offenders

Neuropsychology Expertise

  • Member, National Academy of Neuropsychology
  • Expert in neuropsychology – designated by superior court
  • Training and consultation with Dr. Ralph Reitan (author of Halstead-Reitan and Neuropsychological Test Battery)
  • Specialized training in administration and interpretation of Luria Nebraska Neuropsychological Test Battery
  • Specialized neuropsychological testing for physicians and neurologists; consultation with neuro-radiologists at USC – Brain Imaging
  • Seminars, symposia, and laboratory in neuroanatomy and neurophysiology taught by faculty of Jefferson Medical School at Delaware State Hospital
  • Specialized evaluation of individuals with closed head trauma and traumatic brain injury Neuropsychological forensic assessments for USC family therapy – USC, consultations regarding brain imaging – USC

Domestic Violence Training

  • Invited guest speaker, Domestic Violence Counselor Training, Coalition for Family Harmony, Oxnard, California, May 14, 2014

Rape Crisis Counselor Training

  • Presentation on types of sex offenders for Cal EMA certification program, Rape Crisis Counselor Training, Coalition for Family Harmony, Oxnard, California  June 5, 2013.
  • Invited lecturer, Domestic Violence Training, Coalition for Family Harmony, Oxnard, California, May 14, 2014.

Specialized Experience with Law Enforcement

  • Assisted Police Departments of Brea, Anaheim, Santa Ana and Yorba Linda with assessment and management of combative and psychotic individuals whom I evaluated with police for appropriate WIC 5150 certification Participated in ride-alongs with law enforcement; assisted officers with evaluation and disposition of problematic suspects with substance abuse issues
  • Psychological treatment of officers involved in traumatic experiences, i.e., police pursuit, injured in high speed pursuit and officer involved shootings
  • Civilian responder, Professional Services Reserve, Orange County Sheriff Testified as expert in police misconduct cases

Assessment and Treatment of Juvenile Offenders

  • Involved in training of youth counselors at California Youth Authority in crisis intervention assessment techniques as well as treatment planning
  • Conducted psychological evaluations for Youthful Offenders Parole Board in the area of annual review and readiness for parole as well as treatment recommendations and evaluations concerning extension of commitment issues
  • Ph.D. dissertation conducted on Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy and reduction of violence with Juvenile offenders at California Youth Authority Facility in Chino

Crisis Intervention

  • Provided crisis intervention, consultation and services to law enforcement and assessment of mentally disordered and substance abusing individuals; assisted police in evaluating dangerousness to self and others in these individuals

Employee Assistance Plan Services

  • Provided crisis intervention, assessment, and treatment services to private industry concerning assessment and treatment of employees’ psychological and career problems; conducted workplace violence assessments

Independent Medical Examiner

  • Provided consultative services to the State of California Employment Development Department concerning psychological evaluation of individuals applying for disability
  • Provide second opinion psychological evaluations on disability

Government Expert

  • Government expert for review of psychological providers standard of care for Medicare; review of cases for medical necessity and appropriate level of care

Security Assessments

  • Expert evaluator of individuals for high-security classification and presidential security Expert evaluations concerning military matters and for the Military Command
  • Gang Expert, Expert evaluations for candidates for Peace Officers and Correctional Officers
  • Doctoral research on criminal street gangs and reduction of violence at California Youth Authority

Consulting Positions

  • Consultant to the Bishop of the Diocese of San Bernardino, 1980-1986
  • Selection Testing of Applicants for Seminary and Ordination to the Deaconate and Ordination to Priesthood, 1980-1986
  • Outpatient treatment of nuns, brothers, deacons, seminarians, and priests for the Diocese of San Bernardino, 1980-1986
  • Consulting forensic psychologist services performed for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on CBS television,
  • Vanished, and Numbers.
  • Consultant; Goodwill Industries, Richmond, VA



    Available on full CV



  • Expert consultant and expert witness, State of California, Department of Consumer Affairs, Enforcement Unit, State Board of Behavioral Science Examiners
  • Expert medical reviewer, appeals level, Medical Consultants Network Expert medical reviewer, National Medical Review
  • Expert medical reviewer, Comp Partners
  • Medical reviews for Advanced Medical Reviews and MCMC
  • Medical review expert for Elite Physicians, LTD, a subsidiary of National Medical Review, provider of evidence-based medical reports
  • Expert medical reviewer, Dane Street Expert Medical Reviewer, Comppartners Expert Medical Reviewer, PRIUM Expert Medical Reviewer, IMEDECS Expert Medical Reviewer, Reliable RS Expert Medical Reviewer, MLS Group
  • Expert Reviewer, California Board of Psychology, Enforcement Division


  • Peer-reviewed presentation, Psychological Assessment of Competency to Stand Trial, presented at California Psychological Association Annual Convention, published on audiotape, April 1997
  • Peer-reviewed presentation, joint presentation with Carol Telfer of L.A. County Public Defender’s office on
  • Effective Representation of the Learning Disabled
  • Offender: A Case Study, presented at Annual Conference of the Learning Disabilities Association of California, Costa Mesa, California, October 1992
  • Peer-reviewed presentation with Carol Telfer, California Deputy Public Defender, Analysis of Criminal Intent in the case of a Learning Disabled Offender charged with murder, presented to the American College of Forensic Psychology, Annual Meeting, San Francisco, April 1998
  • Peer-reviewed presentation, The Effects of Phencyclidine and Cocaine in Mental States: An Analysis of Two Cases, presented to American College of Forensic Psychology, Annual Meeting, Santa Fe, May 1999
  • The Forensic Psychologist and Private Investigator: A Collaborative Approach, presented to Los Angeles County Criminal Defense Investigators Association, February 8, 2000


  • Past member of task force of psychologists developing assessment model and methodology of evaluating risk with juvenile sex offenders for San Bernardino County Juvenile Court


  • Instructor, UCLA extension Instructor, UCI extension
  • Assistant Clinical Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Keck School of Medicine, USC July 2005-July 2006
  • Graduate Faculty, Forensic Psychology Program, Argosy University
  • Invited Lecturer, Santiago Canyon College, PSI Beta Honor Society, March 28, 2012
  • Guest Lecturer, Ethical Issues in Forensic Psychology, Argosy University, November 8, 2008 External Reader, Ph.D. Dissertation Committee, Pacifica Graduate Institute, December 2008
  • Invited Address, Forensic Psychology, PSI Beta Honor Society in Psychology, Santiago Canyon College, December 10, 2013
  • Served as Field Site Supervisor for Undergraduate Psychology Interns, Chapman University, Orange, California Invited Panelist, Loyola Marymount University, Leadership in Psychology Speakers Series Event October 19, 2015



  • Member, February 2018 Tuition Scholarship at the University of Delaware Dean’s List at the University of Delaware
  • Vice President, National Honor Society in Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • The U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award; The White House, U.S. President’s Council on Service and Civic participation
  • National Republican Congressional Committee, 2006 National Leadership Award, Honorary Chairman for California Business Advisory Council
  • Invited Member to People-to-People Citizen Ambassador Programs’ Marriage and Family Therapy Delegation to Russia and Poland
  • Invited by National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges to participate in People-to-People Citizen Ambassador Program in South Africa
  • Invited address to Department of Psychology Faculty and Undergraduate and Graduate Students, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, Emerging Trends in Forensic Psychology: Career Paths for the 21st Century, analysis of simulated crime scenes with student discussion, eyewitness ID issues, October 11, 2012
  • Listed: 2013 edition of Who’s Who Among Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs
  • Received an award for 5 years of service from the Professional Services Reserve, Orange County Sheriff


  • Certification by L.A. County Superior Court: False confession and eyewitness ID and neuropsychology expert panels in addition to neuropsychology/neurology expert panel, June 2011 – Present



  • Conducted psychological evaluations of minors as to fitness in juvenile court matters
  • Analysis of criminal intent in defendants; have extensively testified at jury trials on the issue of criminal intent. Testified as an expert witness and am published in the area of stimulant and depressant use (California Psychological Association, Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists), especially as it affects the brain and brain-behavior relationships
  • Testified on and had a paper accepted in the American College of Forensic Psychology on false confessions; provided expert testimony on involuntariness of confessions
  • Testified as an expert on interview protocols and police interrogation techniques as concerns child molestation allegations
  • Testified for the prosecution and defense in matters of competency to stand trial, sanity, as well as extension of commitment as concerns the issue of dangerousness
  • Conducted psychological assessments and testified as an expert in the area of bonding studies and potential for reunification in dependency court proceedings
  • Testified in juvenile court matters in cases of contested disposition
  • Lectured to peers and testified as an expert on the psychological analysis of learning disabled defendants in criminal matters
  • Conducted psychological assessments and testified for the defense and plaintiff in personal injury matters Conducted psychological evaluation of minors and learning disabled defendants in an analysis of defendant’s capacity to understand Miranda
  • Conducted psychological assessment of defendants in sex offender cases, both as to suitability for probation as well as dispositional matters for Juvenile and Adult Criminal Court
  • Conducted psychological evaluation of criminal defendants as to the matter of sanity in criminal proceedings Conducted analysis of video and audio feeds in police vehicles and related this material to matters such as voluntariness, validity of confessions in defendants during police interrogation, as well as matters of state of mind of defendants during allegations
  • Conducted crisis intervention and psychological evaluation of defendants for the police in the field concerning substance abuse evaluations and evaluation of individuals to assist law enforcement as to whether individual is dangerous to self or others to warrant an involuntary commitment hold in a psychiatric facility
  • Conducted fitness testing for law enforcement and correctional applicants
  • Conducted evaluations to assess competency of criminal defendants to enter into plea bargain agreements Testified as expert witness in evaluating law enforcement interview techniques in matters involving child sexual abuse and molestation allegations
  • Testified as expert witness in matters pertaining to criminal street gangs
  • Expert testimony on brain pathology and criminal intent resulting in granting of new trial
  • Conducted psychological evaluations for Youthful Offenders Parole Board on issues of annual review and readiness for parole for adult court
  • Conducted analysis of mental state and neurological status and correlated with serum alcohol levels as well as with chemical tests of stimulants and depressants
  • Analyzed nonverbal and verbal behavior of criminal defendants and presented data to juries Served as consultant to counsel and assisted with questioning of expert witnesses
  • Appointed as expert evaluator for Board of Prison Terms in psychological assessment of mentally disordered offenders
  • Served as expert for prosecution with assistance in cases involving state of mind during allegations as well as competency matters
  • Retained by prosecution and defense in false confession cases
  • Designated expert in neuropsychology by Los Angeles County Superior Court Qualified as an expert and testified on eyewitness identification
  • Qualified as an expert and testified in the area of psychological autopsy Qualified as an expert and testified in the area of death penalty cases
  • Evaluated geriatric clients in court proceedings to evaluate competency as a witness 
  • Court appointed expert in custody.
  • Court appointed expert in juvenile court criminal matters, i.e., juvenile fitness, competency, and contested dispositions
  • Court appointed expert in dependency court matters, i.e., reunification; expert for state of California, dependency court
  • Evaluated medical records for defense in cases of alleged clergy sexual abuse
  • Psychological evaluation of individuals involved in terrorist acts against individuals and institutions Qualified and testified as psychological expert in personal injury civil proceedings
  • Testify as expert for District Attorney in sexual molestation matters, competency, and sanity Expert analysis of the effects of pornography on children
  • Psychological expert in analysis of the effects of sexual abuse and trauma on children Psychological expert on the effects of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
  • Deposed as expert on fitness in police behavior, conduct, and performance
  • Expert psychological evaluations in Health Care Professionals and attorneys as concerns fitness to practice


  • Testified as expert on developmental disability in Los Angeles County Superior Court
  • Evaluated cases for defense and plaintiff involving alleged personal injury from brain trauma and psychological trauma
  • Evaluated plaintiffs as concerns competency to enter into fiduciary contracts Conducted evaluations as to competency to execute a will
  • Expert in civil matters involving evaluation of closed head injuries and neuropsychological disorders Testified as expert on traumatic effects of Taser


  • Court-appointed evaluator for custody and visitation issues for San Bernadino, and Orange County Family Law Courts
  • Conducted EC733 evaluations for Family Court to evaluate reports of 730 Custody Evaluators Conducted bonding studies in cases involving custody and visitation disputes


  • Independent medical evaluations for insurance carriers
  • Short- and long-term Disability assessment for third party review organizations


  • Government expert, Department of Health and Human Services, offer expert opinion on standard of care and medical necessity
  • State of California Department of Justice, office of attorney general, March 2016


  • Due process evaluations Parental advocacy
  • Independent psychoeducational evaluations


  • American Psychological Association—Life Member National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology National Academy of Neuropsychology
  • American Psychology Law Society, Division 41, American Psychological Association American Psychological Association, Division of Media Psychology American Psychological Association, Division of Clinical Neuropsychology American Psychological Association, Division of Exercise and Sport Psychology
  • American Psychological Association, Division of Trauma Psychology American Psychological Association, Society of Addiction Psychology American Psychological Association, Division of Military Psychology Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC)
  • American College of Forensic Psychology Forensic Expert Witness Association Orange County Peace Officers Association
  • California Psychological Association Member – American Chemical Society American Chemical Society Association for Psychological Science
  • American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Honor Society Membership
  • American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Associate Member, Psychiatry and Behavioral Science Section


  • Co-Chair, Orange County Psychological Association Information and Referral Service, 1981-1984 Secretary, Inland Southern California Psychological Association, 1981-1983


  • Forensic supervision and consultation and continuing education from member of American College of Forensic Psychology and Forensic Committee


  • Association of Marriage Friendly Therapists Provider- IMCS Trauma Network
  • Member- Blue Shield Network

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