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Computer Language C++ Expert Witness

Expert Witness No. 124


Summary of Qualifications

Microprocessors...680xx, 80x86, 8051, Z80180,2900, 290xx, 1750...., Bit-Slice.
Programmable Logic...Pals, Fpgas, Cplds, (Synario, Abel), Xilinx (Xact).
High Speed Numerical Processing.
Analog/Video/Digital Interfaces.
Schematic Capture (Orcad, Viewlogic).
Worst-Case Timing Methods.
All Ic Families.
Robust Synchronous Design.
Non-Flakey Performance.
Numerous Languages... C, C++, Windows, Assembly, Mfc Visual C++, Pascal, Basic, Ada, Fortran, Meta-Assemblers (Bit-Slice)...
Operating Systems... Dos, Windows, Unix, Wavetest, Vms, Vrtx, Rmx, Realtime, Multitask,...
Hardware Drivers.
Cad, Case...
Structured Design... (Yourdan/Demarco).
Communications...Rs-232, Ieee-488, X.25, Telecomm: (Hdsl, T1, E1), Ntds, 1553, Arinc-429, Packetizing, Flow Control, Manchester, Token-Ring...
Numerous Pc Applications.
Simulation & Test Utilities.
System Architecture
Embedded Real-Time Control.
Pipelined Flow.
Digital Signal Processing...Fft, Filtering, Spectral And Statistical Analyses, Beam-Forming.
Functional Partitioning... Hardware / Software / Firmware / Dedicated-Logic
Processor In-Circuit Emulation.
Jtag 1149.1 Scan Testing.
Specifications, Technical Descriptions.
Requirements Determination.
Trade-Offs... Cost / Perform, Features / Mechanization, Risks / Complexity.
Throughput Computations ... Optimize Capability / Resources Ratio.
Algorithm Development.
Mathematical Modeling.


San Diego State University...
BA Physics (Math Minor) 1970 (with honors and distinction)
Duke University...
MA Physics (Math Minor) 1972

Work History

Private Technology Company, Tustin, CA (7-95 to Present)
Host to Telecomm HDSL Line Unit Control Processor.
Programmed 8051 microprocessor in C. Real-time host command and data format translation and on-board HDSL communications control processor.
ETSI European HDSL Telecomm Line Unit Modem.
Key firmware team programmer. Real-time MTOS driven Z80180 code (C, assembly). Controled HDSL telecomm by management of on-board DSP devices. Used version control system and windows emulation tools. E1/T1 and V.35 transport.
OEM Telecomm Line Unit family.
Developed universal host command set and protocol. Demonstrated multi-unit single-interface protocol via daisy-chain communications scheme. Developed stress test utilities for DOS and Windows (via MFC C/C++ Visual C).
SIM OEM multi-channel Telecomm Line Unit family.
Defined architecture and firmware migration methods by memory paging techniques. 80c520 (8051 upgrade) Processor circuit design. Included CPLD logic for context controlled memory remapping algorithm (extensive test vectors), using Synario. Wrote debug software (C, assembly).

Corelis, Inc., Cerritos (3-93 to 5-97)
VXIbus avionics bus tester
Hardware design/debug of custom serial I/O bus interface tester. 29030 embedded RISC processor platform using XILINX FPGA devices (3042 and 3090) using XACT.
 VXIbus avionics bus tester (H009 bus for F-15 Fighter)
Same as above for this other protocol bus. Design included virtual PAL state machines defined by ABEL. Produced digitally synthesized phase modulated sine waves.
 VXIbus Iridium Cellular Phone System Satellite Comm. Tester family of cards
Chief h/w-s/w architect of four card types supporting numerous synchronous serial/parallel interface protocols. Test drivers for various satellite ports; high speed telemetry/data packet processing. 29030 RISC microprocessor firmware processing, hardware Viturbi quadrature encoding and real-time bit-stream remapping. Detailed hardware design/debug using numerous FPGA (XILINX) devices (including virtual PALs and state-machines). Supervised h/w-s/w team.
 VXIbus Intelligent Boundary Scan Test Instrument (IEEE 1149.1)
Developed system specification. Implemented detailed hardware, firmware design/debug. 29030 RISC embedded control of numerous custom FPGA (XILINX) devices (C and assembly). Clocks running up to 90 Mhz.
 EMDT/C90 In-Circuit Emulator for Rockwell ESPX Telecomm. Processor
Wrote PC software (C) controling a custom interface box via parallel port to support in-circuit-emulation. Provided user interface to control target operations.
Motorola Whitecap DSP in-circuit-emulator.
Hardware design of multi-protocol serial stream capture. Designed logic for 5 FPGA (Xilinx) devices. Wrote PC test code (C) to simulate input data patterns via parallel port.

PerSyst Inc., Anaheim (7-92 to 4-93)
Multi-site Vending Machine Monitor System
Programmed remote site data monitoring/retrieval/accounting software package for PC’s. MS Windows GUI code application. Inter-site automatic comm. via modems.

Assorted clientele (4-91 to now)
PC setup, installation, training, application integration
Built custom PC bundled systems as needed, including the installation of hardware and software components. Also provided training on usage and general PC topics.

Tasco Elect. Svcs., Anaheim (4-88 to 3-93)
Space Shuttle VXI bus multi-protocol serial comm. test instrument
Wrote real-time embedded firmware (2900 meta-assembler), in ’C’ (68020). HP9000 hosted (unix), CASE development environment, IEEE-488 communications control.
 VXI multi-chan.ARINC-429 avionics comm. bus tester Architected 68020 controlled, multiple FPGA (Xilinx) based test instrument. Also designed the dynamic RAM refresh controller hardware. Lead engineer during the upgrade phase. C, Windows, Labview testware/ATPs developed. 1750 microproc. in-circuit emulator (ICE)
Architected PC controled instrument. Wrote serial-port real-time controller (C). Supervised h/w design team.
 Multiple Automated Test Systems for Microwave components.
Programmed Wavetest (Windows based) based GUI test executive to exercise numerous microwave devices. Used table driven methods, auto-calibration, included IEEE-488 control of numerous microwave instruments. Supervised s/w design team.
Numerous proposals and specs.
Wrote proposals, requirements and workload estimates, specifications for automatic test stations, emulation/simulation systems, signal/graphics processing methods, video archiving applications.

Hodge Computer Res., Orange (12/87--3/88)
multi-node network text processing system for newspaper publishing
Wrote real-time UART/modem X.25 driver software, RS-232 packet flow control communications, based on OSI model, 68000 target, BASIC, C, assembly.

Interstate Elect., Anaheim (5/87--11/87)
global positioning satellite (GPS) navigation receiver
Wrote real-time embedded firmware hardware drivers, using VAX/VMS tools for 68000 target (Fortran and assembly).

Hughes A/C Corp., Fullerton (7/86--5/87)
display console fault isolation firmware
Wrote embedded background diagnostics. 68020 target under real-time operating system, using VAX/VMS tools in Pascal, ADA, and some assembly.

Sentec Corp., Tustin (1/86--9/86)
FLIR (infra-red) image processing/display system
Designed hardware for built-in-test and diagnostics. Based on 8051 embedded test firmware control (’C’).
Designed hardware graphics video symbol generation circuit.
Wrote front panel switch/display interface control code (8051, C).

Interstate Elect. Corp., Anaheim (7/84--1/86)
global positioning satellite (GPS) navigation receiver comm. circuits
Designed family of I/O processor cards supporting the navigation system. 68000 based, PAL resident state-machine glue logic, multiple protocol communications; serial sync/async, parallel, 1553, DMA, krypto-serial. Test firmware in Fortran (VAXVMS and ICE tools). Wrote mil_stnd_2167 specs.

Metafas Designs, Orange (1/85--4/85)
software functional description documentation
Generated several technical description documents for the Hughes system below (mil_stnd_2167).

Hughes A/C Corp.,Fullerton (2/83--7/84)
token ring data bus network control firmware
Wrote real-time embedded communications firmware driver. 8086 embedded target, C and assembly, under RMX real-time operating system, to perform UART and serial I/O protocol control.

Philips Ultrasound, Santa Ana (8/82--2/83)
medical diagnostic ultrasound scanner imaging system
Hardware design of several image digital signal processing (DSP) cards; CRT refresh memory controller, scan converter (novel variable rate video compression/interpolation algorithm), real-time image mapping...rectangular to radial space conversion, high speed logic performing video digital signal processing, table driven sequencer architecture using PALs.

Rockwell Autonetics, Anaheim (11/81--9/82)
FLIR (infra-red) scanner image processor
Designed video digitizer/frame-grabber (RS-170) card plus symbol-generator/video-mixer, including analog/digital elements. Wrote 68000 assembly firmware control running under MTOS. Heavy PAL usage.

Philips Ultrasound, Santa Ana (7/81--2/82)
medical diagnostic ultrasound scanner imaging systems
Architectural designs/trade-offs/analyses; 8086 based, real-time scan conversion video processing, CRT refresh methods, image/video enhancement algorithms, interactive graphics and symbology.

Hughes A/C Corp., Fullerton (1/80/--7/81)
imaging sonar receiver system
Designed real-time digital signal processing (DSP) cards. Included FIR filtering, complex demodulation, phase-shift beamforming. Incorporated dedicated arithmetic circuitry under bit-slice state-sequencer control, pipelined architecture, and built-in-test.

TRW, Hawthorne (11/79--1/80)
Space Shuttle crystal growth experiment controller
Generated specifications for automated materials manipulator. Z-80 based hosted under multi-tasking operating system, using table driven time-line control.

Northrop, Hawthorne (7/78--11/79)
astro-inertial (star-gazing) navigation system.
Performed analyses of integration of synthetic aperture radar. Developed real-time gravity anomoly correction algorithm using math model of earth.
inertial navigation system
Developed calibration analyses algorithms; trends, statistics math-modelling, and gyro anomolly impact on Kalman filter performance.

Bendix Corp., Sylmar (6/76--7/78)
imaging array sonar system
Hardware design of several digital signal processing (DSP) cards; real-time FFT beamformer, curvilinear raster scan numerical waveform generator, 8080 diagnostics, analog/video interfacing. hi-speed numerical computations.

Naval Lab.,San.Diego (2/72--7/76)
numerous Command /Control / Comm. systems
Managed large suite of computers, peripherals, radar. Performed maintenance, upgrades, custom test fixtures, conversion interface hardware circuit design, and wrote diagnostic software.

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