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Arizona Expert Witnesses testifying in Litigation

Appraisals & Valuations Expert Witnesses for Attorneys


Experts in this appraisal, valuations, & memorabilia directory provide opinion and testimony in all types of appraisals and valuation including audiovisual recorded media film, sound recording, video and photo equipment.

Damages can occur in all types of fine arts appraisal, sculpture appraiser and need failure analysis.

Accurate appraisals for individual sports memorabilia, collections of sports related items trading cards, autographs, figurines, magazines programs, tickets, lithographs prints, autographs, bobbleheads, sports related, old or new, any type of sport. Litigation support to historic loss of wages household services economic business valuation, future loss of earnings and other economic issues.

In litigation, these experts attempt to use forensic techniques and industry standard principals to research and reconstruct the damages or event by providing witness testimony, computer animation or graphical exhibits to opine in a compelling way to the jury.


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State: AZ
Region: Mountain, Southwest, Western
Country: US

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:
automotive repair, inspection, appraisal, mechanical breakdown, cause of failure determination, body paint, lease return, better business bureau arbitration, pre purchase, diminished value appraisals, lemon law, repair shop negligence
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