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Georgia Expert Witnesses testifying in Litigation

Aviation Expert Witnesses for Attorneys


Experts in this Aviation Accidents, Aerospace & Aircraft directory provide opinion and testimony in all types of aviation accident cause reconstruction issues including pilot issues, Helicopter design, Aircraft design, fixed-wing Rotorcraft, Rotor design, Rotor controls, Helicopter transmissions, High lift devices, Aircraft controls, Aerodynamics, Stability and control, Unmanned air vehicles, UAVs, Aircraft structures, Coaxial helicopters, Coaxial rotorcraft, Gyrocopters, Autogyros, and Sport aircraft design .

Accidents arise resulting in Aircraft Federal Aviation violations, aircraft airworthiness, breech of federal aviation regulations, aircraft records errors, accident investigation, FAA designation, FAA enforcement, Aviation safety audits, air traffic control, FAA mechanic, Aviation safety inspector, FAA pilot including personal injury or wrongful death.

Aircraft accidents involve airframe mechanics, power plant mechanic, inspection authorization, fixed wing, helicopter, pilot, flight operations, maintenance and repair, airline transport pilot, airplane multi engine land, commercial airplane single engine land.

Injuries and damages can occur from balloon flight school, FAA approved balloon repair station, and balloon or para sail flight training.

In litigation, Aviation Accidents, Aerospace & Aircraft professionals attempt to assess engineer techniques, product design safety and forensic investigation techniques, industry standard practice, research to reconstruct the damages or event by providing witness testimony, computer animation or graphical exhibits to opine in a compelling way to the jury.


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Paragliding, Paraglider, Hangliding, Paragliding Techniques, Hangliding Techniques, Commercial Tandem Paragliding, Paragliding Advanced Pilot, Paragliding Tandem Instructor, Paragliding Surface Tow Technician, Over Water Paragliding, parasail
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