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Wyoming or Northwest Area Expert Witnesses testifying in Litigation

Amusement & Recreation Expert Witnesses for Attorneys

Wyoming or Northwest

Experts in this recreation, aquatics, and amusement park directory provide opinion and testimony in all types of accident cause reconstruction issues including recreational areas, amusement ride attractions or aquatic areas like pools, beaches or parks.

Accidents arise resulting in amusement operations, maintenance business administration of amusement rides, go-karts, bumper boats, ride family fun center type of attractions including personal injury or wrongful death.

Aquatic accidents involve aquatic accident investigation, beach-front hazard surveys, aquatic safety audits, adequacy of warnings and commercial tour boat equipment standards, lifeguard systems and standards, water safety, small craft safety handling.

Injuries and damages can occur from bleacher systems, grandstands, gymnasiums, and playground equipment, maritime safety, maritime accidents and recreational boating.

In litigation, Recreation, Aquatics, and Amusement Park professionals attempt to assess mechanical engineer product design safety and forensic investigation techniques, industry standard practice, research to reconstruct the damages or event by providing witness testimony, computer animation or graphical exhibits to opine in a compelling way to the jury.


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State: ID
Region: Mountain, Northwest, Western
Country: US

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:
Accidents, Reconstructionist, Accidents Reconstruction, accidents involving single or multiple vehicles, passenger cars, mid full size trucks SUVs, commercial vehicles, buses, logging trucks, tractor trailers, two wheel recreational vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs, pedestrians, boats, airplanes, trains, animals, Investigations in seat belt, air bag, ABS operation, Product failure analysis, vehicle operational components, steering mechanisms, tires, wheel rims, axles, automatic manual transmissions, vehicle lamps, component failures, Analysis of accident scene evidence, skid marks, ro...
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State: OR
Region: Pacific, Northwest, Western
Country: US

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:
Engineer, Biomechanical Human Factors, Warnings, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Vehicle Occupant Kinematics, Workplace accidents, Industrial Accidents, Product Liability, Patent Infringement, Industrial Design, Industrial Safety, biomechanics of foot, biomechanics of shoe, biomechanics of running, Sports Injuries, Recreational Equipment, Slips Trips Falls, Sexual Assault, Rape, Human Performance, Injury Biomechanics, Forensic Biomechanics, Personal Injury Accidents, Murder, Attempted Murder, Mechanisms of Injury Tissue Damage, Injury Accident Reconstruction,
Click to view this experts CV View CV for Biomechanical Human Factors Engineer Expert Witness No.78Click to request this expert Request This Biomechanical Human Factors Engineer Expert Witness No.78

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