Our referral service provides the attorney, insurance company or lawyer representatives the opportunity to fully qualify the candidate prior to retention. This includes a free initial conference call to discuss the basics of your case to see if there is a good match.

The forensic experts directory include any type of engineer albeit mechanical engineer to chemical engineer to biomechanical engineers involved in accident reconstruction; forensic fire investigators to fires cause and origin and fire code and life safety codes; forensic computer, electronic discovery, patent infringement and data recovery; financial including forensic accounting, securities and banking; real estate including escrow, foreclosures short sales; forensic sciences like ballistics, trace evidence, and tire marks; law enforcement tactics and procedures, corrections and use of force, just to name a very few.

Medical testimony services consist of medical doctors, nurses, administrators and those first responders like paramedics and emergency medical technicians, pharmaceutical, pharmacological, pharmacy biomedical and any one involved in the healthcare industry. This may include medical malpractice.

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Gordon J. Hauser, Esq.

Santa Ana, California

Hauser & Hauser

Wildfire Forensics Accounting

Medical Expert Witness No. 285

Wildfire Forensics Accounting is a specialized practice requiring knowledge and experience in wildfire suppression, combined with experience in the administrative infrastructure of the involved agencies.  While Wildfire Forensics Accounting is similar to Forensics Accounting in that common accounting practices are used, the use of common Forensics Accounting will not provide productive results. Each wildfire agency operates under a unique set of rules and procedures that are generally revised on a regular basis and all purchase and procurement documents must be evaluated against those specific rules and procedures. Read More… 


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