Consolidated Consultants Co. makes it quick and easy for attorneys and local, state and federal government departments to find and source technical and medical expert witnesses since 1995.

In as quick as the same day, easily find the right expert witness for your case through our vast network – search our website of expert CV’s for free or we’ll recommend experts for you for free. Speak with the expert about your case for free and choose the right expert to win the case.


Who Are We?

Since 1995 Consolidated Consultants recognized the need for expert witnesses and medical expert witnesses and sought out to create a quick and easy way for attorneys and government departments to find and source experts for their cases and Consolidated Consultants Co. was born and the mission continues today. Our mission is to help deliver free referrals to the best qualified experts who support the justice system in uncovering the truth.


Who Are Our Expert Witnesses?

We have continued to grow our network of expert witnesses to include medical, technical and scientific subject matter experts with strong credentials in hundreds of disciplines and specialities – so you can be confident we’ll have the highest qualified expert for your case. If for some reason we don’t have exactly who you are looking for, we’ll source and recruit an expert to our network for free – we continue to expand our network regularly.


What Types of Experts

Consolidated Consultants has medical and technical experts across the United States in medical specialties including doctors and osteopathic experts, nursing experts, technicians and assistant experts, dental experts and psych experts. We have a broad range of technical experts ranging from fire experts, accident experts, engineering experts, law enforcement experts among others.


How We Help You Find The Right Expert for Your Case

Ccc is the only referral service where you can view the full redacted CV online prior to contacting us. It’s quick and easy to find the right expert from our vast network of 30,000 expert witnesses categories in medical and technical fields and continues to expand. Search our site for free for expert’s CV’s by expert type, discipline, location/state. Or, request an expert for free and we’ll recommend experts from our network. View expert’s CV’s and fees, schedule a call with an expert for free and you decide the right expert for your case.


Why Choose Consolidated Consultants Co.?

Attorneys, government departments and insurance companies have returned to us for:

  • Personalized client service
  • Vast network of expert witnesses in a broad range of medical and technical disciplines and specialties
  • High standards of selection and recruitment of medical and forensic expert witnesses
  • Free referrals and recruitment of expert witnesses
  • Free search of expert witnesses
  • No cost and no obligation initial phone consultation and screening with expert witnesses
  • Personalized assistance in retaining expert witness throughout the recruitment process
  • We handle the billing for the consultant/expert witness so they can focus on case-related tasks


How to Win Your Case

Consolidated Consultants has placed 10,000 experts for cases since 1995 and our attorneys and government departments continue to use us again and again. With a free search, free initial call with the expert and free referral, we also help attorneys find the right expert for their case. Not every expert is available based on the case calendar, has the right demeanor to be successful in direct and cross-examination and know what it takes to conduct the research needed for the case and testify. We carefully screen and select experts based on characteristics that will ensure success in the case and in the courtroom and we’ll help you find the right expert you need.


Finding the Right Expert Witnesses

The right expert will have the availability to make trial dates, conduct the necessary research, draft reports, opinions, and have the credibility characteristics to standup and succeed in direct and cross-examination. During the complimentary call we offer where you’ll speak with the expert, you can get a first-hand sense for the expert to ensure you are selecting the right expert for your case.