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Consolidated Consultants’ number one goal is to refer you as many cases possible. We work daily to keep our website updated and invest time into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEO is a technique which helps search engines fnd and rank a website higher. When a potential client types a keyword in a search engine like Google, we want the page we have for you on our website to rank high on page one. The better ranking we have on our website, the more clients and potential cases we can refer you. Link building is another SEO technique. Therefore, we would like to ask, if you could please link your site to ours. The whole purpose of this, like mentioned before is to have our site rank high than other referral services, that way we get more trafc, clients and more referrals to you!
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Our referral service provides the attorney, insurance company or lawyer representatives the opportunity to fully qualify the candidate prior to retention. This includes a free initial conference call to discuss the basics of your case to see if there is a good match.

The forensic experts directory include any type of engineer albeit mechanical engineer to chemical engineer to biomechanical engineers involved in accident reconstruction; forensic fire investigators to fires cause and origin and fire code and life safety codes; forensic computer, electronic discovery, patent infringement and data recovery; financial including forensic accounting, securities and banking; real estate including escrow, foreclosures short sales; forensic sciences like ballistics, trace evidence, and tire marks; law enforcement tactics and procedures, corrections and use of force, just to name a very few.

Medical testimony services consist of medical doctors, nurses, administrators and those first responders like paramedics and emergency medical technicians, pharmaceutical, pharmacological, pharmacy biomedical and any one involved in the healthcare industry. This may include medical malpractice.

Search the site using keywords. The database will provide results of experts that match your terms.

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