Aerospace Engineer

A aerospace engineer expert witness is an individual skilled in aircraft, aeronautics, and related subjects who can provide testimony as an expert in court cases. This type of witness has knowledge of many fields, including civil and mechanical engineering principles, aerodynamic design considerations, aviation regulations and standards, engineering safety assessments, FAA requirements for design certification testing and operation of aircraft systems. They can also evaluate potential impacts on public safety due to human errors or environmental conditions that could cause any type of aircraft emergency.

The scope of duties for an aerospace engineer expert witness include consultation; written or oral testimony on behalf of a plaintiff or defendant; technical evaluation on critical failure analysis associated with an incident; review and analysis of reports related to the alleged accident; assisting the legal team with discovery investigations; research into various aviation safety issues associated with specific technologies/products used by either side in a case; and providing clear explanations to difficult technical concepts that must be heard during trials or depositions.

A reliable aerospace engineer expert witness must have experience in the industry as well as current knowledge concerning personal injury claims applied to this sector. They should have acquired data about failed components as well as logbook prove-outs regarding airframes designs which require full documentation regarding structural integrity subsequent to a crash event that might require additional review by a qualified aerospace engineering professional testifying at any litigation phase within proceedings involving litigation before juries hearing civil courtroom matters.

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