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Cause & Origin

Fire Cause & Origin expert witnesses investigate of how fires stated and the location. This is important as defective products may cause fires; arsonists start fires for personal satisfaction while others may create diversions through fire & smoke. A highly trained cause & origin investigator provides report review and analysis. If an explosion occurs, the investigator may provide post blast as it related to fires. Many insurance companies use cause & origin experts to determine fire cost recovery issues.

1. Hazardous Materials Expert Witness

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Hazard Management, Terriorism, Hazardous Materials, Emergency Response, Command, Control, Incident, Accident Investigation, Forensic Chemistry, Biology, Fires, Explosions, Explosive Nehavior, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Fire Cause, Fire Origin, Chemical Weapons, Bbiological Weapons, Terrorism Response, Documentation, Technologic Hazards, Emergency Planning, Terrorism Planning, Explosives, Hazmat,