Communications Engineer

A Communications Engineer expert witness is a professional engineer who specializes in all aspects of communication systems development and testing. This may include design, implementation, optimization, operation and security of communication networks. An expert witness is someone who can provide an opinion based on their knowledge and will often provide testimony in court cases or other legal proceedings related to the field that they are an expert in. These individuals may be contracted to advise or offer evidence on behalf of one party or the other as a result of their wealth of experience with communication networks.

The primary responsibility of a Communications Engineer expert witness typically involves providing analysis, opinions and photographs regarding past networking projects. Such analysis can help attorneys develop strategy for trial purposes or supply needed data to solve technical issues related to the case at hand. Often times, these witnesses will be consulted when there are questions surrounding network operations like scalability, interoperability issues among hardware components used for communications infrastructure and wired/wireless network technologies utilized by the organization in question.

Communications Engineering experts may also assist attorneys with wireless technology selection as it pertains to developing project specifications like limited line-of-sight target areas for adequate signal propagation indoors/outdoors or antenna systems that work best given project parameters such as geographical location (rain fall patterns/building structures etc). With access to vast amounts research data & lab equipment used for testing protocol conformance ( 80211bgn standards), these experts are experienced enough at communications engineering support needed for such critical tasks building reliable wireless networks suitable environment.

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