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Emergency Response

Emergency Response Fire Expert Witnesses opine on issues related to fire department training and exercises, emergency medical services, disaster preparedness, response for the fire department district as well as fire service principles and procedures, fire control, evaluations and measurements, visual aides, basic operations, fire prevention, fire service mechanics, personnel development, fire department service, fire administration, organization realignment and fire department instruction.

1. Emergency Medical Services Dispatch Public Safety

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Emergency Medical Services Sytems, Emergency Medical Dispatch, 911 Dispatch Systems, EOC, Coordination, Dispatch, 911 Emergency Dispatch, Communication Center Evaluation, 911, Dispatch, EMS, Emergency Dispatch, Clawson Protocol, Medical Priority Dispatch System, Dispatch Protocol, EMDQ, Emergency Medical Dispatch Quality Assurance, Dispatch Quality, Public Safety, Emergency Management, EMS Continuous Quality Improvement, Training, Education, Leadership, Incident Command, ICS, NIMS, Mobile Integrated Healthcare