Industrial Engineer Expert Witnesses

A Industrial Engineer expert witness is a professional who has the combination of technical knowledge and practical experience within the industrial engineering field. They can provide testimony or advice in legal cases regarding economic damages, business losses, equipment failure, operational failure, safety violations and other related matters. Industrial engineering is an interdisciplinary field which combines mechanical and electrical engineering with managerial skills to design or improve operational systems. An Industrial Engineer expert witness will have a good understanding of mathematics, physics, psychology and human behavior which allow them to trouble shoot operation processes with efficiency. The engineer will also be familiar with industry specific standards such as ISO 9000 principles. Industrial Engineering expert witnesses can offer several services including cost analysis for products after design completion; accident investigations; process improvement consultation; computer simulation analysis; development of predictive models for manufacturing costs and production outputs as well as guidance on factory setup layout designs that are most favorable to production requirements. Furthermore they may be engaged in litigation cases involving product failures or other issues attributed negligence by companies involved within industrial fields such as manufacturing plants or automobile industries where a substantial loss has occurred due another party's oversight or insufficient practices.

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