Environmental Engineer

A Environmental Engineer expert witness is an individual with specialized knowledge in fields related to environmental engineering that can be used to provide an opinion on litigation in court proceedings. They may be called upon by either the plaintiff or defendant, depending upon the case, and their role is typically to conduct a review of evidence and present their expert opinion as to the outcome or implications of such evidence in court.

Environmental engineer expert witnesses are often called upon when examining a case related to matters like air pollution, extraction of minerals from the environment, noise levels, water treatment plants and processes. These experts will ensure that all applicable regulations are adhered too by reviewing particular sources of pollution to determine whether they violate any codes or ordinances set forth by governing bodies like the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The engineer's testimony can also be beneficial when negotiating settlement between parties such as in personal injury cases where there might be issues concerning industrial waste or similar hazardous substances.

In addition, these engineers may also provide advice regarding current industry standards for environmental sustainability practices which could prove essential for companies who wish seek out new ways of doing business while maintaining a commitment towards eco-friendly initiatives. Through providing comprehensive reports on environmental compliance programs put into place by companies they help inform criminal proceedings and civil damages awarded for things like unlawful activity regarding hazardous materials being tampered with inappropriately discharged into public water systems. As such environmental engineering experts serve one major purpose which is providing reliable information so that courts hearings can pursue sustained equitable outcomes related issues surrounding proper natural resource management solutions.

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