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Gastroenterology Experts

Gastroenterology is a sub-specialty of internal medicine. Gastroenterologists specialize in diseases of the digestive system. Gastroenterology expert witnesses review the medical records for diagnoses, treatment, and management of endoscopy-related claims. In addition, Gastroenterology expert witnesses record reviews patients with liver and gastrointestinal disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, functional bowel disorders, abdominal pain, pancreatic, biliary diseases, familial Mediterranean fever, hepatic disorders, and gastrointestinal and hepatic histopathology.

Gastroenterology expert witnesses provides review and opinion on a spectrum of tests and therapies including diagnostic endoscopy, neuromuscular diagnostic tests, endoscopic therapy, and gastrointestinal neuromuscular disease therapy.

Gastroenterology Expert Witness are needed to review records to see if the doctor performed an inadequate endoscopic procedures, did not evaluate the test results properly, or failed to biopsy a suspicious site altogether, resulting in misdiagnosis. Failure to perform colonoscopy properly can have a dire effect on the patient’s health.

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1. Oncology Diagnosis Hematology Disorders Internal Medicine Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

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2. General Vascular Laparoscopic Surgery Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Surgery General Surgeon, Board Certified General Surgeon, Vascular Surgery General Surgeon, Laser Surgery General Surgeon, Surgery Laparoscopy, Surgery Cholecystectomy, Surgery Surgical Removal Of The Gallbladder, Surgery Adult, Surgery Pediatric Surgeries

4. Gastroenterology Hepatology Medicine Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Gastroenterologist, Board Certified Gastroenterologist, Hepatology, Hepatologist, Crohns Disease, Granulomatous Colitis, Regional Enteritis, Ulcerative Colitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Failure Diagnose Colon Cancer, Colon Cancer, Endoscopic Complications,GI,