Genetic Chemistry Experts

Genetic chemistry expert witnesses are specialists who provide specialized scientific and medical testimony concerning various issues related to genetics, genetics testing, and genetic analysis. They provide key evidence and insights during court proceedings, administrative hearings, corporate meetings or other situations encountering legal issues related to the science of genetics. They can also work to explain complex concepts in terms a jury can understand.

Genetic chemistry expert witnesses possess advanced degrees in relevant fields such as biology, anatomy or molecular science; many have Ph.Ds in biochemistry or nuclear medicine sciences and substantial hands-on laboratory experience when it comes to research concerning human genetic testing and/or analysis. The experts have an ability to effectively analyze test results from samples processed using various technologies such as DNA sequencing, microarray gene expression profiling or nucleic acid drug response testing.

As part of their duties as a witness spanning the entire legal process from discovery phase through settlement negotiations - if applicable – they analyze evidence related to disputed bodies of scientific information for accuracy completeness & accuracy assisting both plaintiffs & defendants with formulation arguments being used by both sides regarding claims made within a particular case.. Their expertise is invaluable providing clarity on the language encompassed within contracts serving as key factors shaping the outcome of cases involving matters aligned with genetic chemistry topics that typically involve sophisticated language often difficult for non-technical people to interpret easily.

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