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HVAC Engineer

HVAC Engineer Expert Witnesses testify and render reports concerning Mechanical Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning and Waterborne Pathogens. HVAC Engineers may provide reports concerning HVAC Research Control Legionella Bacteria, Water Quality, Indoor Air Quality, Potable Water Disinfection and Potable Water Remediation. These professionals may also provide expert witness testimony regarding Professional Consulting, Design Services, Ventilation Systems, Thermostatic and Control Systems as well as related other topics.

1. Industrial Commerical Construction Mechanical Structural Engineer Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering, Structural Engineering, Facility Planning, Systems Design, Building Design, Fires, Explosions, Commercial Construction, Industrial Construction, Institutional Construction, Educational Construction, Construction Claims, Energy Systems, Utility Systems, Failure Analysis, Codes and Standards, Boilers, Water Heaters, Pressure Piping, Plumbing, Refineries, Chlor Alkali, Accident Reconstruction, HVAC Systems, Environmental Control Systems, Specialty Heating and Cooling Systems, Compressed Air Systems, Fuel Gas Systems, Coke Gas Systems, Hydrogen Gas Systems, Flammable Liquids, Combustible Liquids, Dusts, Ventilation, Combustion Venting, OSHA, Industrial Safety, Construction Safety, Geothermal Heat Pumps, Carbon Monoxide, Structural Failures, Cement Industries, Auto Glass Manufacturing, Steel Industries, Industrial Ovens, Industrial Furnaces, Engineer Procure Construct (EPC), Product Liability, Professional Design E O