Insurance Fire Investigation

Fire investigation professionals are often called upon to serve as expert witnesses in cases related to the insurance industry. This is done when a policyholder, such as a homeowner or business owner, has filed an insurance claim for damages caused by a fire.

Insurance companies hire these experts to examine the cause and origin of the fire, even if it is believed to be accidental or natural. Fire investigation professionals use scientific methods and utilize specialized equipment such as gas chromatographs to analyze burned materials and determine what exactly caused the fire. In addition to their expertise in determining causes related to origin of fires, they can also provide opinions regarding other areas including code compliance issues, enforcement of ordinances, lawsuits involving damage due to smoke or flames from fires and more.

These experts must not only have an extensive background in fire investigations but must also be familiar with codes across various jurisdictions across states that pertain specifically within the insurance industry such as liability claims process management systems which governing agencies require them to comply with. Furthermore on top of their typical duties they must also understand any idiosyncrasies that may be specific documentation safety requirements for specific types of structures (such as industrial warehouses). It is all too common that these investigations overlap into other specialties as well–especially when fraud — intentional or circumstantial—becomes involved–which makes having well-qualified investigative licensed professional paramount during court proceedings when acting an expert witness from within one specialty must appear with knowledge fluidity between two specialties.

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