Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage insurance professionals serve as expert witnesses in a variety of legal proceedings that involve matters related to mortgage insurance. They will typically work with both the prosecuting and defense attorneys in order to provide factual evidence, complex financial knowledge, and an understanding of the industry that is essential for the case. Mortgage insurance experts can be called upon to discuss claims procedures, explain terms and conditions of different types of policies, review documents and contracts, analyze risk assessment techniques or practices used during underwriting process--as well as offer insight throughout pre-trial preparation, trial proceedings or settlement processes.

In addition to being knowledgeable about various kinds of mortgage insurance products, these professionals are also experienced investigators who have the skills necessary for gathering data related to cases. Mortgage insurance experts are commonly brought into proceedings when allegations about negligence or fraud concerning underwriting cases arise. During such proceedings, they may bring up specific instances where background checks were inadequate or discrepancies were found between what was stated on documents versus supporting evidence offered by claimants.

Lastly, mortgage professionals often have strong negotiating skills which allows them to employ mediation tactics when necessary during settlement talks and/or civil court cases. In some occasions litigation may need to be pursued against other parties involved in transactions that leaded into alleged fraudulent activities; in those scenarios Mortgage Insurance Professionals will have previous experiences representing insurers so they can advise their clients accordingly according within the applicable regulations set forth by local governing bodies.

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