Reinsurance Experts

Reinsurance professionals are invaluable as expert witnesses as their ability to identify and explain the intricacies of reinsurance contracts, areas and markets is essential. Their testimony can be invaluable to those litigating a dispute related to claims and coverage under such arrangements. Reinsurance professionals have a deep understanding of markets, terms and conditions used in reinsurance treaties along with associated laws and regulations.

To provide effective expert testimony on reinsurance-related matters, an individual must possess a combination of qualifications: technical knowledge about regulated industries; expertise in methods for evaluating financial assets; knowledge about the various types of related legal agreements; familiarity with actuarial concepts; an understanding of insurance industry players; experience in analyzing complex data sets; and familiarity with accepted practices for assessing contract disputes. These are all attributes that professional reinsurers bring to their engagement in an audit or dispute case involving contingent liabilities or negotiated settlements between ceded insurers, retrocessionaires, captives, brokers etc.

The observations or opinion offered by a leveraging an experienced reinsurer’s expertise can be greatly beneficial when compared with that from another non-industry specialist who has not worked extensively around this specific product class.

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