Surplus Lines Experts

Surplus lines insurance is a type of insurance available to customers who find they cannot find the coverage they need through a regular carrier. These policies are sold by "surplus lines agents", who are licensed to sell complementary plans from unlicensed, unauthorized insurers. Often, these policies have increased rates and deductibles due to the added risk involved, as direct insurer may not provide certain coverage or may reject specific customer requests.

A surplus lines expert witness is an individual or entity with specialized knowledge related to the sale and management of surplus lines coverage. This person often provides testimony in legal issues involving insurance companies and their clients, such as claim disputes, policy ramifications or liability issues. They can work with both plaintiffs and defendants in court cases where complex insurance laws come into play. Their knowledge helps shed light on legal matters where specialty knowledge of excess line coverages is beneficial for clarifying whether claims should be accepted or denied based upon state law circumstance specific rulings. Typically these professionals hold special certifications granted by regulatory agencies such as London Syndicates for Insurance Professionals (LSIP) or the American Institute Of Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters (AICPCU).

In order for an individual to become a surplus lines expert witness they typically undergo intensive training courses which equip them with comprehensive resources regarding all aspects of surplus line regulations within their given jurisdiction.. This could include additional certifications in areas such as reinsurance; catastrophe; captives; joint powers authority; risk management; self-insurance programs to name but a few — all helping support their professional expert status when determining potential outcomes in court proceedings that involve complex means of resolving disciplinary action taken against license holders who fail adhering too necessary policies linked to this form of insurance . Ultimately these highly qualified individuals are here to provide knowledgeable opinion on both plaintiffs and defendant’s perspectives during litigation surrounding claims concerning excess line options.

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