Transportation Insurance

Transportation insurance professionals are knowledgeable in the areas of freight and transporter liability, cargo claim defense, contract negotiations and more. As expert witnesses in litigation cases, transportation insurance professionals often back their arguments with industry-specific knowledge of the trends that directly affect the outcome of specific claims. Their testimony can provide a valuable objective perspective to difficult liability situations.

Transportation insurance experts help lawyers resolve complex legal disputes involving coverage issues by providing expertise in insurance terminology, policy language (or lack thereof) and policy endorsements for all types of vehicles used for transporting goods or people including commercial vehicles such as trucks, trailers or airplanes as well as private passenger cars and recreational watercrafts. These individuals may also have knowledge regarding common carrier law or damage assessments as it relates to cargo losses.

In trials where transportation matters are at issue, a certified expert witness provides an unbiased opinion on the risks associated with a given mode or type of transport based upon their direct experience in negotiating rates and coverages with clients while conducting voluntary market surveys for customers seeking customized coverage packages that protect against any potential liabilities due to motor carriers’ negligence or inadequate equipment standards. Being able to produce numerous testimonies regarding similar cases is important when convincing a jury that one’s opinion is factually accurate; it powerfully supports argumentation under cross-examination from plaintiff counsels who might attempt to cast doubt on the presented facts by bringing up either contradictory consignments records obtained during discovery from defendant trucking companies.

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