Pedestrian Accidents

A Pedestrian Accidents Expert Witness in Bioengineering and Biomedical is a professional who specializes in the forensic analysis of accidents involving pedestrians to understand how biomedical engineering contributed to the victim’s injury. Their expertise concerns medical, biomechanical and mechanical principles as they pertain to pedestrian/vehicle motor vehicle collisions that cause personal injury. In addition, they may review case material such as accident reports, police records, emergency medical treatment notes and medical bills. They have the background required to produce an expert opinion on whether a particular type of injury was caused by some combination of defective materials used in designing or constructing a vehicle or road infrastructure and/or faulty operation or maintenance considerations associated with the vehicle involved in an accident.

Pedestrian Accidents experts can also provide sophisticated analyses related to the accuracy of security cameras used near booths involving traffic violations. Through comprehensive testing including frame-by-frame reconstructions based on camera footage they may be able provide answers regarding speed estimates at impact sites as well characterisation of potential reckless behaviour from either drivers and/or pedestrians involved in an incident. In addition High Speed Cameras with specialised software can assist these specialists by providing valuable insights into impact trajectories using advanced calculations applied only be experienced engineers with backgrounds in physics.

Lastly, these experts are also expected not only to analyse pedestrian injuries but demonstrate meaningful solutions through example mitigating measures such as improved road design standards for reduced speed limits within protected zones for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians together with educational programs addressing correct bicycle helmet use all which greatly aid towards reducing pedestrian fatalities rates worldwide.

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