Dermatology Medicine Expert Witnesses Testifying in Litigation Dermatologist Expert Witness provides consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic review of services for diseases of the skin, hair and nails on either an inpatient or outpatient basis. There are specialized areas that one can be referred to for a specific service such as consultation for general dermatology problems and skin cancer, as well as for specialized treatment including laser surgery, Moh’s micrographic surgery, selected cosmetic procedures and phototherapy.

A Dermatology Expert Witness reviews for misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis and other assessment-related issues to cognitive science, Diagnostic Errors, Differential Diagnosis, Patient Safety, Quality Assurance, Skin Cancer, Skin Infections like Carbuncles, MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), and Stevens – Johnson Syndrome; and Anasarca Misdiagnosis

Dermatology Expert Witness are needed to review records to see if the doctor performed an inadequate biopsy, did not evaluate the test results properly, or failed to biopsy a suspicious site altogether, resulting in misdiagnosis. Failure to diagnose skin cancer can have a dire effect on the patient’s health.

Consolidated Consultants has referred Dermatology Expert Witness to both Plaintiff and Defense attorneys for many years. Please review the wide variety of Dermatology Expert Witnesses and use the request this expert option to contact us.

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