Engineering Expert Witnesses

An engineering expert witness in relation to medical devices is an individual who is qualified and experienced in the area of engineering, specifically design and production. Their expertise lies within the understanding of how medical devices are created, used, maintained and ultimately disposed. They are called upon to give their opinion on a variety of legal matters, such as product liability cases or patent disputes involving medical device technology. Engineering witnesses evaluate evidence submitted by both parties to find facts that will be presented as testimony during trials. Medical device engineering experts advise attorneys on issues relating to safety testing protocols, product regulations and technical specifications of the products involved in legal cases. An expert witness can provide essential information regarding the standards manufacturers must adhere to when developing a new product or make modifications/improvements to existing products designs. The professional evidence provided by an engineer during court proceedings gives insight into why something may have gone wrong with a particular device or what constitutes safe use of the equipment being analyzed in litigation. Additionally, engineering witnesses can explain complex material related to principles such as biocompatibility criteria and software requirements for medical device development and deployment. This makes them invaluable resources for both plaintiffs' counsels representing injured patients suing companies manufacturing faulty equipment as well as defense counsels providing technical explanations for product malfunctioning when accused of negligence or auto-immune complications associated with using certain drugs or implants/devices developed by clients they are defending. Engineering expert witnesses play an important role in ensuring justice is served fairly – their influence over court decisions ensure that manufacturers provide safe products for consumers while also protecting intellectual property rights of inventors whenever possible.

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