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Retail Loss

Retail Loss due to fires Expert witness providing testimony and opinion in a court of law for plaintiff or defense. Experts evaluating in the fields of security management, crime and loss prevention, investigations, and premises liability. Our Experts specializes in the anticipation, recognition, and prevention of crime on most commercial property types.

1. Mechanical Electrical Control Systems Engineering Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Engineering Mechanical Electrical Control Systems, Forensic Mechanical Electrical Control Systems Engineering, Electrical, mechanical structural system, component failure analysis, product failure analysis, accident reconstruction, moisture causation, poor IAQ causation analysis, fire, explosion causation analysis, control systems, flow measurement, flow control, level measurement control, pressure measurement control, temperature measurement control, humidity measurement control, safety interlocks, motor starters, electrical motors, medium low voltage electrical systems, electrical failure analysis, intrinsic safety, electrical grounding, lightning damage, lightning protection, electrocution, circuit analysis, lamp analysis, HVAC systems, ventilation, fans blowers, air flow analysis, psychrometrics, pumps compressors, refrigeration equipment, mechanical failure analysis, boiler systems, combustion control, fire explosion causation