Highway Design Engineer

A Highway Design Engineer expert witness is a professional who can offer advice and testimony on issues involving the planning, layout, design, and construction of highways and other roadways. The expert witness may have a background in fields such as civil engineering, construction management, surveying or traffic analysis. An independent professional with specialized knowledge of highway design can provide help by conducting inspections; reviewing project plans; interviewing witnesses; researching codes, standards or practices related to highway design; providing an opinion report; offering commentary on technical issues during trial proceedings; and appearing in court as an expert witness for the legal team.

The first step in the process is typically conducting a broad review of existing documents related to the case. This includes identifying any available photographs or diagrams showing conditions prior to or at the time of any incident alleged in a lawsuit involving roadway features. Additionally they will identify relevant drawings issued by whoever was responsible for developing plans for highway construction plus all applicable local ordinances. The engineer typically completes some further investigation by conducting separate visits if necessary depending on needed information not found from earlier research activities.

Finally they will also review site accident records response plans training records emergency contact information maintenance records employee rules regulations safety measures incident reports vendor correspondence utility maps material purchases water drainage information lighting details street shut down instructions traffic & parking signage and even driver’s licenses/certifications/qualifications relating to product disposal visitors permits blueprinting phone systems etc., that might be required when reviewing this case material before offering their services as an expert witness including written declarations depositions testimony cross examinations mediation assistance etc. As part of their professional responsibilities Highway Design Engineers must stay abreast of key developments that are important within this industry including state regulations national standards local rules field investigations best practices environmental concerns accessibility issues jurisdictional specifics etc., which keeps them well-informed should questions arise during court proceedings where their expertise comes into play bringing clarity and allowing dispute resolution beyond what either party alone was initially looking for helping move things forward appropriately so justice may be served considering available facts at hand regardless who hired them!

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