Personal Injury Accidents Expert Witnesses

A personal injury professional (PIP) is an expert witness who specializes in the study, analysis and evaluation of personal injuries sustained in accidents or other traumatic events. PIPs typically evaluate the medical records or physical evidence from an incident to determine what caused an injury. They also analyze and explain the effects of trauma on a person's body, including any permanent or long-term disabilities. One type of PIP that accident reconstruction specialists use to investigate car accidents is known as a biomechanical engineer. These professionals analyze the damage done to both vehicles involved in an accident, then draw conclusions about how each vehicle was affected, how they interacted with each other during the collision as well as at what speed they were travelling. They can also access data from airbag control units or tire friction studies if available and use this information to determine whether either party was at fault for causing the collision. Forensic investigators may also be used in accident reconstructions when there are questions about whether a criminal event occurred when investigating pedestrian accidents involving cars and bicycles, for example. Forensic experts will be able to determine factors such as if pedestrian had crossed against traffic signals (or jaywalked) prior to being struck by a vehicle by looking into evidence such as video footage from cameras located near where it happened. They can then compare this information with witness testimony and physical evidence such as skid marks left behind at time before impact by the vehicle involved . All three together can help build up a clearer picture of how events unfolded prior to impact enabling investigators come closer towards making attributions about who was responsible for causing harm.

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