Product Design Engineer

A Product Design Engineer expert witness in relation to Accident Reconstruction is a professional hired to provide evidence and interpretation of the performance of products involved in a given accident. Through analysis of available materials, physical evidence, computer simulations and other tests, they are able to recreate an accident based on the product’s specifications at a given moment. Product Design Engineers use their knowledge and expertise to determine the likely cause of an accident involving products that he or she evaluates. They can also provide conclusions regarding liability issues concerning manufacturers or suppliers related to any aspect of product design where it may have been applicable in the reconstruction process.

This type of specialist engineering witness is vital when reviewing cases where mechanical failure or design deficiency has been perceived as contributing factors in an accident investigation. Experts at this discipline can analyze all aspects which would affect the way in which components interact with one another during operation such as load values, fatigue factors and prototypes used for testing procedures prior to being released for market sale among other matters pertaining to product performance investigations.

Product Design Engineer expert witnesses essentially assess whether or not products involved meet corporate standards from a structural standpoint, law suit history is taken into account as well which influences his/her opinion during preparing oral presentations when professionally testifying about interpretation outcomes from material gathered concerning a particular case scenario involving reconstruction efforts associated with accidence occurrences involving usage processes included those associated with everyday activities practiced by consumers among other facts therein examined over this sort engineering into target areas derived from field examinations poured over digital records amongst applied strategies used through simulation programs sometimes called finite element calculations when providing court testimony including fiscal loss estimations (when asked)are prime topics addressed under direct legal questionings under oath resulting from specific datasets inputted example: Bending moments due some specific sorts source inputs often used within probability build up techniques.

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