Admiralty & Maritime Expert Witnesses

A Admiralty & maritime expert witness is an individual who has experience and expertise in the legal, technical, or scientific issues related to incidents occurring in navigable waters or port areas. These experts are typically aiding attorneys or parties to litigation concerning violations of maritime laws, such as personal injury claims, pleasure boating accidents, workplace negligence claims involving ship operations and marine personnel. They can provide valuable insight into matters ranging from federal regulations surrounding harbors and waterways to common law and established maritime customs as they relate to specific cases. Admiralty & Maritime attorneys often have specialized expertise when it comes to finding the right expert witness for a particular case. A wide range of experts in engineering sciences such as naval architecture, oceanography, hydromechanics and other areas may be consulted for any particular case. These specialist witnesses are usually called upon to perform tests on equipment that has been involved in an incident leading up to a potential case against another party which may have been negligent or caused wrongful death through negligence at sea. Additionally they provide insights into the location of occurrences (i. e. , port area) factors that could have contributed to outcomes during mishaps at sea such as weather conditions or tides etc. An Admiralty & Maritime Expert witness typically will conduct investigations with rigor utilizing their highly specialized knowledge regarding engineering sciences on top of experience with marine vessel operations related regulations so they can effectively advise attorneys on the technical aspects leading up to potential legal action relating ongoing events on water bodies around U. S national ports and interstate waters depending upon where risk management policies across varying jurisdictions come into play leading up a civil complaint being filed by involved parties seek compensation from other parties who allegedly breached etiquette erected under cover of various federal statutes.

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